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Found 3 results

  1. My just received Pro 1X says that all bluetooth codec options under developer settings are unsupported - is there something I need to change to enable this pls? I have a pair of Soundcore ear buds that seem to connect via Bluetooth but which don't play any sound. 😪
  2. Is there a way to download the latest certified official firmware and flash it to my phone without loosing my data, if possible? I'm stuck on a firmware with a broken certification because of botched OTA. All I could find is the following but the image is from 2019 so I'm assuming there are some more recent ones: If I simply do a factory reset from the settings will I need the reapply each incremental OTA or will I still be stuck on my uncertified OTA?
  3. FxTec Pro1 has a special Settings section called Slider. One of those settings called "Landscape orientation lock" is badly broken both at the user level and at the system and application developer level. At the user level: When enabled it does not always switch to landscape when the keyboard is opened. When disabled the software keyboard pops up even when the keyboard is opened. At the system and developer level: When enabled all seems to be working as expected and apps get a configuration changed notification whenever the keyboard opens or closes. When d
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