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  1. Was the call something actionable or just informational? I'm in the UK and got my tracking number and delivery date of 28th this morning, then a few hours later a missed phone call from a Stevenage area code. I didn't answer it because I can't hear... but now I'm worried it might have been something important 😭
  2. I got a Pro1 in my hands from Clove and honestly, I love it, but have not used the keyboard much because of one small problem. I find when I am typing I am relying on a rollover effect and key-repeat delay, for example with one thumb i press one button, then use the other thumb to press another but am late to release the first thumb, and for some key combinations I find this blocks both inputs. Can somebody confirm if this is a design of the key matrix, or if this is something I could look at fixing in software?
  3. I might emailing to opt-out later. I'm a bit deaf so the headphones are mostly useless to me, unless a family member wants them. I think they're pretty bored of all the earbuds I keep giving them from my phones already though :)
  4. I'd be interested in an open source ROM for the Pro1 to make BT audio HAL tweaks to my specific requirements then rebuild and flash. Sadly what I need is embedded fairly deep into the system and not something easily patchable without rebuilding. I emailed in with some questions a while ago but it probably got lost into the depths of the spam folder. Maybe I could also try patching in ASHA support when the day for android 10 comes, although I feel that might be a way off for now :)
  5. I plan to use mine to chat on IRC and use text-relay services to make calls. Such a pain on a touchscreen! The pro1 looks like a godsend - I've been without a keyboard phone since my imported sidekick 4g gave up the ghost, and not a day goes by where I don't miss it.
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