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  1. we expect to ship more units over the next few weeks. few - about 10-50
  2. Друг мой, как ты получил телефон? И как давно
  3. IGG backer, order 16XXX, paid by 12 August, still get nothing. If I not in this batch, I will refund. I've had enough of this s**t and lies
  4. I'm IGG backer, track number 160XX, but still get nothing. Early they not send me IGG voucher code until I wrote about this on the forum. At now I see not IGG backers with "stock assigned". Well, gracias, good job. And I not to mention about "delays"....
  5. Hello, My contribution ID is 1102 and my status on the indiegogo campaign "Fulfilled". I have not received my coupon. I have wrote about this on [email protected], but not gave any feedback. Spam folder is empty Please resend. Thank you
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