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  1. Hello! I've decided to root my FxTec Pro 1, installed Universal ADB driver (can use adb without issues), and booted into bootloader (using power + volume down). Dev mode and USB debugging is enabled. For some reason though, "fastboot devices" doesn't show my device (while "adb devices" does), and other fastboot commands don't work either and say "waiting for any device". Is there a step I may have missed? I already prepared a patched boot image that I want to flash the bootloader with but can't even run fastboot. Any help appreciated! /Theo
  2. Here is an example of what I'm trying to do. I could run the app on the actual device, but I don't have the necessary equipment to do professional photoshoot.
  3. Unfortunately they only contain jpgs, I would prefer 3D renders with transparent background. Also editing a JPG directly destroys the quality. Those media product shots are good for news articles and stuff to promote the phone itself, but not to showcase an app running on it.
  4. Hi! I'm making an app and would want to show screenshots on fxtec pro 1 rather than a generic iphone device, is there some marketing material (like 3d models, pdf files, vector graphics, etc) available for this usecase? Preferably royalty free and without too much restriction. Thanks!
  5. I'm interested if you accept BTC and can send it out quickly, as I've been waiting for a pre-order before and eventually cancelled it as FXTec took way too long with manufacturing. Not a big fan of waiting after that. Drop me a PM if you're interested.
  6. Haven't visited this forum in months after I took out a refund. I see progress on fulfilling pre-orders has been slow but steady. I kinda knew it would take up until February for some pre-orders to arrive, which is why I took out a refund in the first place, but once everyone gets their devices I might order one again when they are stocked up at least, knowing it will be shipped almost immediately. It will be either Pro1 with a Scandinavian layout or the new Razr. Will keep an eye on the progress, since I still want a keyboard phone, although I think I jumped on the hype train a bit too soon.
  7. I've already requested a refund last week, so that one lucky fella will receive their device earlier 🙂 I must admit, it has freed me from having to come to this forum to look for news about the batches (which I did daily). I could have been next in line, who knows, but I rather just order in 2020 when everything settles down and get it shipped the next day. I told myself (and here) that I would request a refund in mid December, and I followed through it, because of upcoming holidays that will just put everything on hold for weeks.
  8. I was already prepared to receive the device in February, because there is no way they could possibly ship all of them before Christmas, despite telling people otherwise. And if for some reason I'm not in the 3rd batch I will request a refund without thinking, because it's starting to get annoying (and I'm very patient by nature)
  9. They better be, otherwise it would feel like they send to whomever they like. If someone who paid on 8th of October got assigned a stock, I would assume all IGG backers + everyone else who paid prior to October 8th would get an email early next week, otherwise might as well contact support. Maybe they are splitting batch equally, and if there are less people in US who pre-ordered than EU it would make sense for them to be ahead, but not by a lot.
  10. I'm already telling myself there is no way I will see my device until February, everything will get stalled soon because of the holidays and shipping won't resume until Jan 13.
  11. And I was about to write there is no way I would receive a device before 2020, I might be proven wrong. I'm yet to receive any email from them.
  12. Now if only that guy who was selling his device on ebay didn't remove it, it would sell really well, considering there is an issue with US customs.
  13. Let's face it, we're not going to get the phones until February 2020 xD
  14. Yeah, let's make people pay full price and not ship devices 3 weeks later, and then offer a discounted price to piss them off even more.
  15. I bet FX(tec) would make a lot of money just by selling all devices on ebay, it would create a bidding war for sure.
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