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  1. Ah, thanks, this suggestion worked very well and got at least the accents back. Thanks a lot! Now I still wonder why the Alt key does nothing at all here... but as it is, I can live without emojis, of course. I also thought the F (Fxtec logo) key should bring up a way to set program shortcuts for the A-Z keys. But with me it always opens Google Search, no matter which one of the A-Z keys I press in conjunction with it. If I press it by itself (without another key) it just opens the Home page. So I still think something might be wrong with my keyboard settings, only I have no clue what I need to change... Anyway, thanks again, you solved the most urgent problem for me!
  2. Could you please explain? What keyboard profile should I deselect, where? And what notification? I've never seen a notification about the keyboard, so I'm mystified.
  3. Hi, I'm probably totally stupid but after two weeks of playing with my Pro1 I still haven't found out how to type special characters (such as a-umlaut, ä) nor how to insert emojis. I would expect the "Alt" or "Sym" keys would somehow get me there, but both these keys just seem dead keys. They seem to do nothing at all (not when tried alone, nor in combination with other keys) . Background info: I have a QWERTY phone. On advice found here at the forum, I installed FinQwerty and then set the keyboard to "FinQwerty US", this to normalize the use of the shift key (and this worked out OK). For virtual keyboard I had installed AnySoftKeyboard, because I was used to this app on my other phone. Could this virtual keyboard perhaps have had an impact on the functioning of the hardware keyboard? If so, then how do I disable this installed keyboard and restore the default situation? In the virtual keyboard settings, apart from Google Talk I see no default or alternative setting. What obvious thing am I overlooking? How do I access special characters from the hardware keyboard? Thanks to anyone who can correct my dumbness...
  4. Yes there is! Problem solved (for me at least). I had the very same problem (continuous "too many attempts" warnings even caused hiccups for my banking app...) and I stumbled onto an excellent fix. Go to the Play Store and install the app Admin Control by Dave Hewitt. Very simple small app, totally free, no ads, doesn't use internet, open-source (Github). This app has just one on-off switch and what it does is very simple: it disables the fingerprint sensor JUST for the lock screen. Meaning that on a locked phone the fingerprint sensor is inactive, but once the phone is unlocked, the fingerprint sensor will work normally in all your other apps. This also means, of course, that every time you need to unlock your locked phone, you will need your PIN code. For me this is a minor inconvenience (but I can imagine this would be less ideal for people who need to unlock their phone 50 times a day). The little app works really fine for me, I've seen no more "too many attempts" warnings since I installed it two days ago. Note that to disable the fingerprint sensor for the lock screen, the apps Device Administrator permission, it will ask for permission the first time you use it. OK, I hope this will help some other users too.
  5. Very happy to tell that I finally got mine (preorder #10***, placed in March, paid in August) yesterday, January 27. A European QWERTY one, shipped to the Netherlands. Minor delivery detail: when pre-ordering in March we were promised that by way of introduction the phone would be delivered complete with earphones. No such thing in the package. Ah well, no big deal I guess. First usage impressions: Keyboard is a blessing indeed. Super! The screen is fine too, camera a bit average but good enough to live with. Hardware feels sturdy and design is OK except for one irritating thing: the inconvenient placement of the fingerprint sensor on the edge. Software does feel less polished than the OnePlus system I was used to (seems for example to lack some extra customization options in Settings, and a few rough edges) but let's be honest: nothing essential is wrong. What I personally do miss most right now is that the launcher seems to have no option to use your own icon pack (so you get a much better-looking home screen). Does someone already know if a more customizable launcher such as Nova might work without problems here? I also wonder, is there a more full manual for the keyboard online somewhere? With all the details for making the most of the special function keys etc.? Maybe I didn't search well enough, but I haven't found it yet. Anyway. in the meantime I'm already having a lot of fun with it now. Well, I hope for all people who are still waiting for delivery of their order that you will very soon be as happy as I am now!
  6. December 15: still heard nothing from F(x)tec about shipping my order. This was preorder #10***, placed in March, paid in August, for normal QUERTY version, to Netherlands, EU. I now understand that a new batch is shipped weekly, and that presently we're at batch #3. So I wonder, is there now finally a way to predict -- based on order number and EU location -- what batch (and thus, what week) my order shipment will be in? Or is the shipping procedure still too haphazard to make such guesses?
  7. I pre-ordered my Pro1 in March. Paid for it August 1. We're now close to December and (except for a couple of vague generic production status mails) I still haven't heard nothing from F(x)tec, Even on this informative forum, I can only find a jumble of info about different shipping batches etc. that in fact leaves me feeling even more confused and in the dark. Never before in my life has a tech order left me so frustrated, not to say exasperated. If there is someone better informed around here, then please, please, please can you give out some more specific and above all reliable info about when we can expect our orders to be finally shipped? Is this related to the pre-order date? If so, then when will the orders from last March be actually shipped? Thank you, anyone, for some more clear information.
  8. By now I'm beginning to think along the same lines. The F(x)tec people may be brilliant geeks capable of designing an absolutely great and enticing and practical keyboard phone, but more and more it begins to look like they have less talent for actually running a production company with all the planning and customer contacts that entails. The continuous delaying of actual delivery and the apparent lack of reliable customer info is growing rather worrying indeed. I pre-ordered my phone in March (expecting to get it somewhere in July) and paid for it by Mastercard on August 1 (expecting, based on their own info back then, to get it that same month). It's almost October now. Besides really liking the phone concept, of course I also accepted (to some reasonable extent) a few startup hiccups, so I am prepared to wait yet a little while longer. But if F(x)tec still has not sent me my phone by the end of October, then I will simply have no choice left but to ask them to cancel the order and to refund the money. With my own Mastercard, the procedure in cases of non-delivery is as follows: of course first you just contact the company that failed to deliver, and ask for your money back. Then if this company would not react adequately, you can also contact Mastercard about the non-delivery issue (adding some proof that you already contacted the company to reclaim your money). The term to open such a claim with Mastercard is within 120 days after payment: so here it's not not the short 60 days period you mentioned above. But of course your payment method may have been one with less standard conditions. Well, I suppose next month we'll see if we were right to worry...
  9. Just want to thank everyone for their comments. Personally I still think that we, the customers-to-be who have pledged to pay for this very promising new kind of phone, have every right to get informed a little better and in a more systematic way. This has nothing to do with impatience at all. I am quite prepared to wait as long as it takes, but still it would be reasonable for us to get updated more frequently on progress, expectations, and schedule. And thanks to your above comments I now also understand that the information channeling by the F(x)tec team may have been relying a little too heavily on old-fashioned, monopolistic channels such as Twitter and Facebook. Maybe I'm living in my own small Dutch bubble, but like most people I know in my environment, by principle I keep such media totally blocked at the firewall level, both on my three PCs and on my OnePlus phone. So I never see their "buttons" (actually trackers) and, admittedly by my own choice, cannot access their sites. An aside to put things in perspective: recent research by a very reliable independent bureau puts the number of actual Twitter users in the Netherlands at no more than 600,000. That is just 4% of the general population! So, in my view, any commercial venture that would mainly rely on such dubious "social" channels for giving out information, would largely miss its mark. I wonder now, perhaps this situation is completely different in the UK? Anyway, thanks again. Information or no information, I will wait patiently!
  10. Hi all, as a customer I'd like to suggest to the F(x)tec team to start giving us just a little more info about how things are progressing. For since placing my pre-order in March, I got just one mail from F(x)tec (about some hands-on event in London, irrelevant to me as I am in the Netherlands). For the rest, I heard nothing at all and I find this a little bit disappointing. Please understand I am not impatient, of course it's much better to get a really well-finished product at a later stage than a still-buggy one at some earlier stage! But what I don't like is being kept a bit in the dark about how the project is going, how far final development actually is at the moment, and how expected shipping dates may be shifting accordingly. So with a view to better communication, what I want to suggest is F(x)tec starting something like a bi-weekly email newsletter to all registered customers. A newsletter that would give us some bits of concrete info such as (just hypothetical examples) "conducting a new keyboard durability test" or "solving compatibility problems with some third-party chat apps" or "projected first shipping date now shifted from September 1 to October 15". Such a regular info source would give us more practical handles (like, should I still buy some clunky "foldable bluetooth keyboard" to bridge the expected delivery gap?) and it would also help us to better understand and accept any inevitable delays. Above all, such a newsletter might give us more certainty that the project is still going forward at, at least, a reasonable rate. In the meantime, thanks!
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