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  1. The green led really is quite annoying and too bright at night. With nowadays fast charging, there's not so much point on having charging notification leds at all, as you know that when you stick the charger cable in, the battery will be fully charged in an hour at max.. Compared to older phones, when charging took several hours and it was useful to monitor it somehow. Of course having a charging notification is useful in some situations, when your phone is powered off so you won't know otherwise if it's charging or not... But would be nice to for example to have the charging notification led connected to a notification, and by dismissing the notification you could dismiss the led notification too. Just like it works with other notifications, like messages.
  2. Where does the plastic need to be removed? From the bottom to make room for charging cable? Or does it need other modification to fit the phone in? I'm asking because this looks very promising to my taste/needs.
  3. Well, I didn't know that (and didn't manage to find it out by myself. But just wanted to point out that I find the way launchtime categorizes the apps very strange. It is good thing it can be modified, but still I think they [developers] could do it better. Anyway I switched to lawnchair, and it's pretty much what I have been looking for. I love the way it has to freely resize widgets and to extend them to the side edges of the screen.
  4. I'd like to have a car holder for flat surface. Already ordered one like this but then found out that Pro1 is not magnetic [enough]. For me landscape mount in not necessary, as most of apps I use during driving (like Spotify) work well in portrait mode. But I guess the problem with these holders also is to find one that grabs the phone securely enough. Have somebody found any suitable?
  5. I have been testing Launchtime for few weeks. I kinda like it, but there is some oddities. For example I feel the way Launchtime divides the apps to different categories very strange. Plus the default categories are strange too. I feel like that Catorize 'app' on N900 had much more natural and obvious categories for the apps. In launchtime there's for example only Graphics category, which includes graphics apps obviously but also Netflix, Youtube etc. It would be more convenient to have a Multimedia category also. Plus there is no Navigation category, so Maps and that kind of apps are in 'Internet' category (or something like that, I don't have the phone with me while writing this). Also Untappd app is in 'Games&Amusement' category... I just learned that there probably a way to make new categories, but is there any way to move the apps between the categories?
  6. Seems like keyboard unresponsiveness bug is almost gone by the OTA update. Actually it seemed to be totally gone, but yesterday my keyboard stopped working for few times. Every time it happened it was right after screen timeout while having keyboard out (I left the phone lying on the table with keyboard opened for a while.) But earlier only reboot helped to fix the issue, but now it started to work again after I closed the keyboard, rotated the phone to portrait, switched to some other app, opened virtual keyboard, typed something, opened the keyboard again, went back to original app and then it worked again. So looks like the "permanent" problem is gone.
  7. I get usually 3 days with one charge. But my screen usage is about 1-1,5h per day. Sometimes I listen to Spotify or some podcasts for hours (but almost no screen usage), but still have easily two days per charge.
  8. Wired or bluetooth? And if wired, 3,5mm or USB? I have tried only conventional earphones with 3,5mm plug, but at least there were no clicking/popping noise. Sound quality was fine and no complaints at all. Although, while the phone is quite heavy, having it lying in a loose pocket with 3,5mm plug connected while running, I got afraid that I will soon break the socket. So first time in my life I felt like it would be nice to have a pair of wireless earplugs to use while running.
  9. I'm having something similar to this. I have system auto rotate on, but occasionally it doesn't work. Seems like the "rotation sensor" (just forgot what it is called) gets stuck sometimes, so the OS doesn't adapt, no matter how you rotate the device. Mostly the bringing out of the keyboard rotates the OS to landscape, but returns to portrait when you close the keyboard (which it shouldn't do if you have auto-rotate enabled and still keep the device in landscape). Yeah, if you reboot the phone having keyboard already open, it starts without keyboard backlighting. Closing and reopening the keyboard fixes this though.
  10. Apex Launcher... why does it sound so familiar? I'm pretty sure I was actually using Apex launcher on my Desire Z with some really ripped-down aosp rom, which name I have forgotten. But I believe the rom was called Virtuous 'something'. But that's OT. I don't find keyboard shortcuts very useful, so I think I'll give a try for Apex Launcher. Thanks!
  11. I dropped mine like a week ago. From a kitchen table to stone floor. Luckily it didn't take a scratch. The floor I mean, but the phone neither.
  12. About the launchers, is there a launcher that supports totally different setups on portrait and landscape screens? I'm having an issue with calendar/agenda widget (any of them, and this would basically apply to any other widget out there, but in my case it's the calendar). I'd like to have the calendar widget enlarged to the whole portrait screen, with only clock in the header and app drawer on footer. But I can't enlarge the calendar widget this big (even if I completely remove the clock widget), and I believe that it's because of the calendar widget wouldn't fit to landscape screen. Which would be fine to me, as I would rather have some other widget on landscape screen. But does the launcher (all of them) always mirror the content between portrait/landscape?
  13. Ok, now I can tell that hwkb unresponsiveness issue aren't completely fixed yet.
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