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  1. I tried this just out of curiosity. Removed the camera slice and tried poking the 12MP camera lens around, but unlike raymo, I didn't recognize any effect on camera autofocus or pic quality. Or, to be honest, the picture quality got a little bit better as soon as I removed the [old and scratched] camera slice, but turned back ugly when I installed it back. However, the camera's ability to autofocus didn't change.
  2. Yep yep yep... Almost a year of waiting, and I haven't got my spare display yet... The ghost touches issue kinda fluctuates on my device. For some reason, once for a while the issue gets stronger and renders the device almost unusable for a day or so. Then it goes away for some time again. The unresponsive line on lower screen stays all the time, but the amount of ghost touches fluctuates. I have been thinking if I should order a new display from aliexpress, but it seems to be so many issues on my device that I don't know if it's reasonable to pay for a fix for this issue. I have had the
  3. I also have been experiencing this for a while now. I'm on some version of AICP Q, haven't wiped, updated or done any changes to the system since I flashed AICP like Christmas or so. Before flashing AICP, I had random keys appearing quite frequently, but this bug almost completely disappeared when I flashed AICP. This NEW issue, with sometimes no character input on keypress, and sometimes double or triple character input on single keypress, is something else. My guess is that the device - or at least the keyboard part of it - is just getting old. Something in the keyboard has worn out, and thi
  4. I'm having an interesting bug with alarm/notification/ringtones on AICP. Few days after flashing AICP I got a notification from some app but didn't hear the sound. I checked the app notification setting and realized that all the builtin notification sounds were missing. I went and downloaded a library of android notification tones from internet and transferred them to my phone, but now it told me that actually there's stock tones also available... I have set a new notification tone for every app and every alarm, but looks like it sometimes just forgets the tone/setting. I have set vibration o
  5. By the way, I'm having quite impressive battery life on AICP. Although it wasn't too bad on LOS either, but nowadays I can easily have three days of battery life, with moderate use. Recently I set up a home server running Nextcloud+Pihole, and I have found Pro1+Termux an awesome combination for configuration and hacking via ssh. Due to this find, I have used my Pro1 two or three times more than I normally would. But even that increased screen-on-time hasn't decreased battery life too much.
  6. Just flashed the newest a few hours ago. Coming from LOS 16 test builds. AICP is awesome! And no problems so far. Magisk-stuff works also, although I didn't manage to set up my job email account in Outlook with the Company Portal addon; somehow it manages to find out the root. But not a problem, as I already had decided to drop the Outlook app and use webmail instead. But anyway, thank you @tdm for your effort! Sent you a small donation 😊
  7. No, I haven't seen mine either. My phone still kinda works so I don't have so urgent need for the screen. But I have to say that I was a bit sceptic about their delivery estimation at the first place. They have promised the same "1-2 weeks" for the phone deliveries several times, and that have never happened. I guess they meant that it might take 1-2 weeks to get new screens on stock again..
  8. Yep, they said they'll ship in 1-2 weeks. If I was pessimistic, I'd expect that the schedule will change... But anyway my device is still fairly usable so even if it takes two months it should be just fine. I just hope they'll get the issue fixed in new production units, so they don't need to replace display from every produced unit.
  9. I just today morning shot a video for Fxtec support about this issue, and they promised to send me a new display. Quite fast response from their side!
  10. I am not sure what you mean with those issues, but yes I do have some. Although Ihad those already on stock, so nothing really changed when I switched to first usable testing version of LOS. Haven't tried stock since then. But sometimes, when I type fast, the keyboard lags a bit and drops some letters off. Also sometimes it produces some random characters inside a word. Sometimes the cursor jumps randomly somewhere. Sometimes it switches Caps lock on when I don't press any button even near to caps. And yes, sometimes I got the pop up caused by long press, which I obviously didn't press. But al
  11. Yeah, sounds pretty much the same. Except I don't have the ghost inputs atm. But the blind spots issue sounds the same. I should try a drawing app, like netman suggested, to see if the blind spots stay constant.
  12. Too bad that Among Us cannot be played using the keyboard, like on pc. Only touchscreen version on Android. Great fun, anyway.
  13. Already feeling myself an annoying noob to even ask, but I have been using the first official since it was published. The reason I haven't updated is that I have everything working. Everything refers to Magisk stuff mostly. I know that if I sideload the update, I have to flash and configure Magisk manually after that. But does the OTA update also overwrite those parts of the system? Another question: Is there any necessary stuff changed since the first official? I tried to search through the changelogs, but most of it went outside of my knowledge. So has the OS became better? Mostly spea
  14. I already sent email to Fxtec, and they promised to send me a replacement display, in order I send them a video about the issue. But then the issue went away, so haven't got a proof video yet.. But I still got similar issue like mcdinner explained, like blind spots on the touchscreen. They happen to be around that line reported for ghost inputs, slightly under centerline on portrait. For example this morning I was answering to a satisfaction survey, and there was a tick box on blind area. I couldn't tick the box at that position of the screen, but I had to scroll the page and that way move the
  15. Is there multiple ways? I know only one way so I believe that it's the best. Just follow the instructions you have found and forget the twrp stuff for now.
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