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  1. Quoting my old post. So 8 months ago I got a new display from Aliexpress and asked from a local phone mechanic to do the replacement. He refused because he didn't know the phone and didn't want to take responsibility from accidentally breaking the device. So I tried to do it myself, which went well otherwise but I put too much heat on the display, which ended up with the display plastic frame melting and losing the shape 😐 Should have got a heat gun with adjustable heat level 😄 So I put my Pro1 in the drawer and while waiting to get the display+frame from Fxtec (which was promised much ea
  2. Not in my case at least. I usually get double a, l, o etc. edit: my device is QWERTY
  3. I have had issues on both LOS and AICP. Haven't tried stock for ages though. But I have to say that incidence of those strange issues when keyboard suddenly provides some strange characters, usually including a number inside a word, did decrease greatly when I switched to AICP.
  4. I do have recognized the ghost touches issue to be more "aggressive" sometimes when the phone is being charged. But on my device the symptoms usually fluctuate; so also when the device is not charged, sometimes the ghost touches render the device virtually unusable, and then sometimes I may have days of no ghost touches (the blind horizontal line stays still all the time). I got a spare display from Aliexpress, but now I am waiting for the replacement camera module which Fxtec has actually sent to me (already got tracking code). I guess I'd handle the screen replaement on my own, but the
  5. auvo.salmi

    Spare Parts

    What about the camera modules? I have asked Fxtec to get a warranty replacement for my camera module (due to focus issue), but I don't feel very confident on getting that module very soon. So I wonder if I could source a replacement module on my own. edit: looks like the Pro1 camera module (IMX363) is not available on Aliexpress. The Pro1-X module (IMX586) is there at least. I couldn't find the IMX363 from Google either, so looks like it is already too old technology? Also I am not sure if it is the actual camera module which needs replacement, or is it the smaller, assisting modul
  6. Great news! I mean that the new camera module fixes the problem is great news, not the issues which came up with module replacement.. But think I should consider that option too. I'll try to get a new module at least, let's see if some local smartphone repair company feels so adventurous that they would do that for me..
  7. Funny thing is that on my device this problem fluctuates. Sometimes the keyboard works just normally without duplicated keys, and sometimes typing is annoying as hell. But perhaps not a hardware issue on my device after all.
  8. I tried this just out of curiosity. Removed the camera slice and tried poking the 12MP camera lens around, but unlike raymo, I didn't recognize any effect on camera autofocus or pic quality. Or, to be honest, the picture quality got a little bit better as soon as I removed the [old and scratched] camera slice, but turned back ugly when I installed it back. However, the camera's ability to autofocus didn't change.
  9. Yep yep yep... Almost a year of waiting, and I haven't got my spare display yet... The ghost touches issue kinda fluctuates on my device. For some reason, once for a while the issue gets stronger and renders the device almost unusable for a day or so. Then it goes away for some time again. The unresponsive line on lower screen stays all the time, but the amount of ghost touches fluctuates. I have been thinking if I should order a new display from aliexpress, but it seems to be so many issues on my device that I don't know if it's reasonable to pay for a fix for this issue. I have had the
  10. I also have been experiencing this for a while now. I'm on some version of AICP Q, haven't wiped, updated or done any changes to the system since I flashed AICP like Christmas or so. Before flashing AICP, I had random keys appearing quite frequently, but this bug almost completely disappeared when I flashed AICP. This NEW issue, with sometimes no character input on keypress, and sometimes double or triple character input on single keypress, is something else. My guess is that the device - or at least the keyboard part of it - is just getting old. Something in the keyboard has worn out, and thi
  11. I'm having an interesting bug with alarm/notification/ringtones on AICP. Few days after flashing AICP I got a notification from some app but didn't hear the sound. I checked the app notification setting and realized that all the builtin notification sounds were missing. I went and downloaded a library of android notification tones from internet and transferred them to my phone, but now it told me that actually there's stock tones also available... I have set a new notification tone for every app and every alarm, but looks like it sometimes just forgets the tone/setting. I have set vibration o
  12. By the way, I'm having quite impressive battery life on AICP. Although it wasn't too bad on LOS either, but nowadays I can easily have three days of battery life, with moderate use. Recently I set up a home server running Nextcloud+Pihole, and I have found Pro1+Termux an awesome combination for configuration and hacking via ssh. Due to this find, I have used my Pro1 two or three times more than I normally would. But even that increased screen-on-time hasn't decreased battery life too much.
  13. Just flashed the newest a few hours ago. Coming from LOS 16 test builds. AICP is awesome! And no problems so far. Magisk-stuff works also, although I didn't manage to set up my job email account in Outlook with the Company Portal addon; somehow it manages to find out the root. But not a problem, as I already had decided to drop the Outlook app and use webmail instead. But anyway, thank you @tdm for your effort! Sent you a small donation 😊
  14. No, I haven't seen mine either. My phone still kinda works so I don't have so urgent need for the screen. But I have to say that I was a bit sceptic about their delivery estimation at the first place. They have promised the same "1-2 weeks" for the phone deliveries several times, and that have never happened. I guess they meant that it might take 1-2 weeks to get new screens on stock again..
  15. Yep, they said they'll ship in 1-2 weeks. If I was pessimistic, I'd expect that the schedule will change... But anyway my device is still fairly usable so even if it takes two months it should be just fine. I just hope they'll get the issue fixed in new production units, so they don't need to replace display from every produced unit.
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