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  1. I can't remember anymore, but I was probably among the first in Europe to receive their Pro1's. So about half a year I guess. Seems like the issue fluctuates a bit on my device. For example, at morning, the device acts normally for some time, but those ghosting issues start after I have been using the device heavily for a while. But still, now I have been surfing, browsing social media etc for at least an hour in a row, and have had zero issues. But earlier today I couldn't input my screen lock code even using the keyboard only, because the ghost taps filled the prompt screen all the time. So there's quite a bit of fluctuation.
  2. My Pro1 also started to do this yesterday. Perhaps not the worst condition yet as I can still make this post on the Pro1, but sometimes it doesn't allow me to input unlock code but fills the field with random digits instead. And now the cursor started to warp to address field, which makes typing quite annoying 😄 Just going to start a three week trip today, what a great moment for the device to go mad.
  3. I haven't had this issue for a while, but IIRC the Caps led didn't work.
  4. Yeah, could be because of this. I have had only swype as screenlock, and I have thought that it should be enough to prevent accidental logins (or at least it used to be enough in older Android versions, but looks like nowadays any kind of tapping/toughing the screen will unlock it if power button is pressed earlier). So I added code lock, let's see if it fixes the problem.
  5. Have anybody else noticed an issue with screenlock? Or what it should be called, I don't know. But the point is that sometimes, while the device is in my pocket and screen is off (by pressing power button), looks like the digitizer still works and receives touch input. This results the same way as the old non-smartphones when you forgot to lock buttons before putting the phone in your pocket; it may call somewhere, opens apps, opens new tabs in browser, opens random websites etc, and spends quite an amount of battery. First time it happened when I had Google Maps navigation on but screen powered off, and it drove me crazy figuring out. Even reboot didn't help, because the system opened Maps again, after reboot, because it was running before reboot. Finally I closed Maps manually and the issue was gone by it. So I thought the issue is related to google maps, but yesterday it happened without having maps running. It acts like a virus/someone remotely using my phone, but doesn't get anything really harmful done.
  6. I agree. Even in my case, the network is never that bad. I mean, that just based to my experience, the reboots don't happen when the network drops completely off, but when it switches temporarily from lte to 3g or from wlan to mobile data. I know that if the issue was really be that simple, every Pro1 owner would suffer accidental reboots all the time. So it has to be something more complicated.
  7. As I have reported before, my device has been having random reboots once a while. It has been almost daily. Typically, when I wake up, I come to kitchen from upstairs and start to make breakfast. Looks like I have better network upstairs, because these reboots almost always happen in the kitchen, usually at morning when having breakfast. Also I have those reboots sometimes when I travel to places with weaker network coverage. But what is strange, is that I don't have these reboots anymore. Like, at all. Let's say no reboots in 7 days at least. Nothing have changed in my phone lately, and I haven't changed network operator etc. Of course it is possible that the operator has made some changes to area's network coverage, but anyway looks like these reboots are gone for some reason. I have also suffered from unresponsive screen issue, which mostly happens when the device has been sleeping for a while (over night typically), and when I try to wake it up, the screen doesn't respond. It's offtopic here, but I just wanted to tell that for some reason, I also have these issues much more rarely than before (it used to be like few times in a day). So looks like the issues have fixed themselves apparently, which is awesome!
  8. I don't know where I should post this, and I guess I am too lazy to search the forum for similar issues. But my main camera doesn't focus anymore. It tries though and rolls the focusing back and forth, but never gets anything in focus. Seems like auto exposure is also gone with the focus. I am running Lineage and the problem exists both on Lineage stock camera and Open Camera. Focus still works on front camera, so I believe this is more like a hardware issue. I have taken some otherwise great photos during this week, but they all look like this:
  9. I seem to have auto capitalization in most of the apps. Like Whatsapp for example. But not in browser, atleast when typing forum posts like this.
  10. Yesterday I had two spontaneous reboots while having a call. I was working on my garage, and had working gloves on. First time I really thought that the device rebooted spontaneously, and the second time I was ready to throw the device towards concrete wall... But then I realized that I had accidentally long-pressed the power button on both of times and this caused the reboot 😄
  11. It is intended to work that way. To be close to the same as in pc keyboard. So you should mostly forget the yellow markings on the keyboard and use shift+number shortcuts as they are on your pc. I'm too lazy to search the post for you, but if you search these pages for at least five pages back, you should find some discussion and explanation for this.
  12. Oh no. Today I had the unresponsive keyboard bug for the first time in Lineage. It was already fixed in stock too, so I hoped that at least this bug could be forgotten already. But looks like it still exists, at least occassionally. Reboot fixed the problem, at least temporarily, as always.
  13. @Craig @Hook or anyone willing to answer: Going a bit off from the topic, but I just started wondering this Verizon/Sprint business. So why would you like to use it on Pro1? Do you have to do so for some reason? Why is that so important, is it like your favorite operator or is it also the only available one? As in Finland we basically have three big network operators, and all of them work pretty well everywhere around Finland. Of course some blind spots exist, but basically they all have full coverage. People tend to switch between the operators all the time, depending on discount campaigns and such. Also we don't usually have limitations in data plans. I believe this is part of the reason I'm not familiar with technologies like voice over lte, cdma data/voice etc either.
  14. Oh. Stupid me, apparently. Now it works! Thanks guys!
  15. I tried the safetypatch. Tried to just apply the zip via Magisk modules, and got this. What am I doing wrong / how did you manage to do it?
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