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  1. No, I haven't seen mine either. My phone still kinda works so I don't have so urgent need for the screen. But I have to say that I was a bit sceptic about their delivery estimation at the first place. They have promised the same "1-2 weeks" for the phone deliveries several times, and that have never happened. I guess they meant that it might take 1-2 weeks to get new screens on stock again..
  2. Yep, they said they'll ship in 1-2 weeks. If I was pessimistic, I'd expect that the schedule will change... But anyway my device is still fairly usable so even if it takes two months it should be just fine. I just hope they'll get the issue fixed in new production units, so they don't need to replace display from every produced unit.
  3. I just today morning shot a video for Fxtec support about this issue, and they promised to send me a new display. Quite fast response from their side!
  4. I am not sure what you mean with those issues, but yes I do have some. Although Ihad those already on stock, so nothing really changed when I switched to first usable testing version of LOS. Haven't tried stock since then. But sometimes, when I type fast, the keyboard lags a bit and drops some letters off. Also sometimes it produces some random characters inside a word. Sometimes the cursor jumps randomly somewhere. Sometimes it switches Caps lock on when I don't press any button even near to caps. And yes, sometimes I got the pop up caused by long press, which I obviously didn't press. But al
  5. Yeah, sounds pretty much the same. Except I don't have the ghost inputs atm. But the blind spots issue sounds the same. I should try a drawing app, like netman suggested, to see if the blind spots stay constant.
  6. Too bad that Among Us cannot be played using the keyboard, like on pc. Only touchscreen version on Android. Great fun, anyway.
  7. Already feeling myself an annoying noob to even ask, but I have been using the first official since it was published. The reason I haven't updated is that I have everything working. Everything refers to Magisk stuff mostly. I know that if I sideload the update, I have to flash and configure Magisk manually after that. But does the OTA update also overwrite those parts of the system? Another question: Is there any necessary stuff changed since the first official? I tried to search through the changelogs, but most of it went outside of my knowledge. So has the OS became better? Mostly spea
  8. I already sent email to Fxtec, and they promised to send me a replacement display, in order I send them a video about the issue. But then the issue went away, so haven't got a proof video yet.. But I still got similar issue like mcdinner explained, like blind spots on the touchscreen. They happen to be around that line reported for ghost inputs, slightly under centerline on portrait. For example this morning I was answering to a satisfaction survey, and there was a tick box on blind area. I couldn't tick the box at that position of the screen, but I had to scroll the page and that way move the
  9. Is there multiple ways? I know only one way so I believe that it's the best. Just follow the instructions you have found and forget the twrp stuff for now.
  10. Try apkmirror for Netflix. I haven't tried straight download from Netflix website, so it might be newer version or something. It is also possible that Magisk is needed to hide root, to make Netflix work. I haven't tried without Magisk. About Magisk, I am not a guru, far from it. Not an android guru either, but I have some experience in Linux systems, which help a bit. But Magisk itself is quite straightforward stuff to install and set up (apply MagiskHide for apps you don't want to see root). The props config is little bit trickier, you need a terminal app to set it up but there's quite g
  11. Ctsprofile pass is doable via MagiskHide props config. And Netflix can be installed via direct download, like apkmirror. Not real solutions obviously, but good workarounds. Now my banking app tells sometimes that I have apps installed whichh use root and suggests uninstalling those apps, but it doesn't prevent using the banking app.
  12. I also freaked out when I dropped my Pro1 for the first time. Now I have dropped it quite many times, and looks like it is really rugged as I haven't managed to break it yet. Looks like the black coating on the alloy shell is fairly thin and wears out easily. All the corners of my pro are more silver than black nowadays, but this is a mere beauty issue.
  13. Lineage is mostly about privacy, and it gives you more control on what the apps may do behind your back. It is also much more customizable than stock Android, and it basically gives you access to all the available options in Android system. Some of them doesn't work as they should, but at least you have the freedom to make the choice 😄 Also Lineage has most those bugs existing in stock, fixed. I haven't used the stock for a while so I don't know whether they have fxed the bugs on stock too, but basically Lineage is more usable than the stock. The disadvantage is that banking apps and some comp
  14. auvo.salmi

    Camera UI

    I have been on LOS and GCam port for a while, but IIRC there was two separate camera apps on stock. Like Snapdragon camera app and a second camera, probably named just as "Camera". Both of those UI's look familiar to me, so I think I had them both on my device, but in different apps. Like EskeRahn said, the top one was the preferred. But I saw the bottom one also on stock.
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