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  1. I would do this! Where would I find the logs? When someone could explain to me, how to get useful log info about focussing... As soon as I have some instructions, I'll start. Another thing that proved interesting for testing: Get OpenCamera-App and switch to CameraApi2 (two!) in the settings. You can then choose 'manual' focus mode and focus with a slider. On BOTH (Stock and LOS) if you slide to 'infinity' the far objects get less sharp. Best result for both is stopping right before infinity, lets say at 1000m. (It's displayed that way.) Even when the object is just 5m away
  2. My only system is a i7-3667U in a ThinkPad with 8GB ram... I could as well build the ROM on the Pro¹ itself 😉
  3. I did not find the App in F-Droid or as APK anywhere, but apparently when you build your own ROM it can be pulled in easily: Anyway, I won't build any ROM for myself, as at the moment my most powerful device is... lets see... possibly my Pro¹ 😉 ...sad but true.
  4. Hmm, when I look at https://download.lineage.microg.org/pro1/lineage-16.0-20200718-microG-pro1.zip there's no match for 't5' in the accompanying plain text files. Might be in payload.bin? How do I make the change (to the assert) you spoke of? EDIT: Oh, damn. I should change QX1000 info t5, not the other way round, got it.
  5. You are right. I used a (secretly? ...by Sean McCreary) released version: https://community.fxtec.com/topic/2479-team-win-recovery-project-twrp/?do=findComment&comment=34151
  6. I tried flashing the "LOS4µG" with TWRP now... it came out like that: I:operation_start: 'Flashing' Installing zip file '/external_sd/lineage-16.0-20200801-microG-pro1.zip' Checking for Digest file... I:MD5 Digest: 1222a9af83ab781d24980e495f7bce0b lineage-16.0-20200801-microG-pro1.zip Digest matched for '/external_sd/lineage-16.0-20200801-microG-pro1.zip'. I:AB zip I:has_legacy_properties: Could not open /tmp/updater: No such file or directory! I:Legacy property environment not used in updater. Failed to parse build number in post-build-incremental=eng.root.20200801.131513. Package is
  7. Well, in my case, I HAVE autofocus. But it only works for near objects. Far objects I cannot focus automatically nor manually. I tried 'Open Camera' app and MANY OTHERS and far objects (infinity focus) do not get sharp. If I change from CameraApi to CameraAPI2 I can focus manually, and the counter goes up to 1000 meter, but actually at like 20 centimeter it is done.. everything else is in the fog. With stock ROM: no such problem.
  8. Yeah, if I just COULD wipe. (Ok, I suppose the fastboot wipe method is as good as the (not working) recovery 'wipe system' method.) MicroG really seems on autopilot... but I thought that was the whole advantage, as you stay updated OTA automatically with LineageOS releases?? You may be right, that my main issue is here, that I don't have a proper boot.img... I am still scared to look into self-building... do u have any good tutorials/methods to recommend? ...and one more thing: As I have you here, running LOS4µG perhaps you can report if you experienced that issue here
  9. Hey there, one of the first things I noticed when I flashed LineageOS was, that the camera does not focus anymore to infinity. (While it did work before, with stock ROM.) (So you actually can't take sharp pictures on anything that is not right in front of the cam.) I flashed back to stock ROM and the focus worked again. As I like to use LineageOS I wonder what tweaks there are in stock ROM to cope with the Pro1's main camera. Perhaps someone can commit those tweaks to LineageOS as a patch? If that is the problem at all? Anyone experienced the same? Edit: Dirty lens is NOT
  10. I switched from @tdm fine builds to official LIneageOS builds now. It worked. But what I really want to have, is the "LineageOS for MicroG version". I cannot flash that!!?! The downloads are at: https://download.lineage.microg.org/pro1/ Instructions at: https://lineage.microg.org/ But I have trouble following the instructions. I use LineageOS-Recovery but I also tried TWRP (which is not perfectly supported for an A/B device like Pro1. Anyway, from either recovery tool I cannot wipe 'system'. It has trouble finding /system. I did a 'fastboot erase system' or 'fastboot format sy
  11. Bump! F(x)tec is advertising the Pro¹ with "LineageOS"-Support. Well, ok, I flashed the test build of LineageOS, but F(x)tec should _really_ open source their launcher!! (...and publish it at F-Droid or submit some code to Lineage's Trebuchet, if they want to adopt those features.) Damn it, what's wrong guys?!
  12. Aha, I just tried my last idea: reboot. I needed a reboot to get the sdcard recognized. Strange but working.
  13. I see, this thread is long and confusing. I got one request: Can someone please post a proved working configuration for mircoSD cards! Containing: Manufacturer/Model/Specs of card. Partitioning and which types of partitions. Formatting (filesystem) Thank you. I had no luck with otherwise working cards... the Pro¹ did not seem to take notice it's something in that slot or not. Or do I need to reboot?
  14. My phone arrived yesterday though FedEx initially scheduled for 27th. I am happily busy now! 😛 Thanks to everyone at FxTec for making this come true!
  15. Update: Now (11:16 UTC) I got the update by email from fxtec. My order is completed. And on the web: "Your order was shipped on 22/01/2020 via FedEx. To track shipment, please follow the link of shipment ID(s) xxx" And a link: "Order Again" ... well, I need to rest. PS: No Invoice anywhere to download, unfortunately... 🧐
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