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  1. I have same behavior with my Marshall Monitor headphones (supports aptX but not aptX HD)
  2. For statistic: QWERTY, Ukraine, with IGG coupon, order # 9xxx, paid Aug 1, stock assignment email received + found tracking information in 'Orders' section of my account.
  3. QWERTY, EU, with IGG coupon, order # 9xxx, paid Aug 1. also still nothing =(
  4. IGG backer, QWERTY, order #9xxx. No stock assignment email. So I believe that the second batch does not cover all IGG backers =(
  5. Isn't this an accurate definition of a term "startup"? 😉 Please, be patient. I'm waiting for QWERTY slider for more than 2.5 years (I'm in a first hundred of IGG backers), I'm live in not rich country (so Pro1's price is not something cheap for me) and I'm still not blaming or swearing anyone =)
  6. order #9xxx, IGG backer (with coupon), paid at very early Aug. no shipping notification =(
  7. Waxberry, As far as I remember, SYM key was usefull too. Maybe it would be better to replace right Ctrl key with search key? And maybe you can post here a schema of Pro1's keys layout?
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