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  1. I'm using this myself: https://www.gearbest.com/stands-holders/pp_009997192467.html?wid=1433363 Works pretty well with anything up to and including the size of Mi Max Prime. Yes, You won't be able to open the keyboard slider, but realistically - why would You do that while driving anyway? Cheap as dirt, doesn't hurt to try methinks. Mind You that depending on the plastic that your dashboard is made of You might need to glue a piece of rubber to the inside of the mount clamp to avoid it sliding off. But it is a good design imho - doesn't vibrate with the car's engine, doesn't obstruct the view and is in the perfect spot for sat nav - behind the steering wheel, so You don't have to take eyes off the road to glance at the map.
  2. I think this discussion is as old as li-ion batteries in phones. It was a common sense habit to discharge completely and then recharge fully anything with Ni-Mh batteries inside, i.e. early mobile phones among other things. With the dawn of li-ion batteries people were told this habit no longer makes sense, and there's even some who claim it's harmful. I have that habit baked into my phone usage patterns so deeply, that even now I still do it that way. If my phone has a few % battery left in it in the evening, I just drain it with a game or some video, and then leave it to charge overnight (in flight mode if it's next to my bed). I can't tell You how many phones I went through since the last one that had a Ni-Mh battery, but what I can say for sure is that none of my phones' battery lives have been negatively impacted by this habit. My 3+ year old Mi Max still lasts as much as on day one, some older devices I still have are also ok. I have an 11 year old Dell laptop with it's original battery that still lasts a 2-3 hours, and it has been used this way (if on battery, discharge so that OS switches off, recharge fully) as well most of the time. Of course battery performance will degrade overtime but I don't buy the story about this habit damaging them. The electronics in any phone prevents it from "deep discharge", where the voltage drops below technically safe level for a given battery. So unless You discharge fully and leave the phone in a drawer like that for a month, You're probably ok.
  3. Even so that still gives my 855 snappy a lifespan of close to 6 years assuming the hardware will be as solid as it first seems, compared to possibly up to 3 years on the pro1. For less than half the pesos. And I'm not saying one can't live without kernel updates - far from it, I've had my Mi Max Prime for over 3 years now, last 2 of those without any ROM updates to speak of. It's more of a "having an umbrella and not needing it vs needing it and not having" kind of situation. If there's a serious security bug discovered, like the ssl bleed or the spectre /meltdown stuff they found in chips not long ago, I'd like to know I can get a patch rather than a new device. It hurts me to say it, but having read the Pro1's review on androidauthority (see the link in the reviews thread), I'm even more convinced I made the right decision.
  4. I stand corrected then, didn't know this has been confirmed. Not great, but with proper communication *BEFORE* this decision was executed, I think the community here would've been more keen to understand the reasons behind that decision. Yet another show of just downright appalling job by the PR people.
  5. Here's a fairly recent one: https://www.androidauthority.com/fxtec-pro1-review-960653/
  6. Not because of the miscommunication (I will still assume it was not out of malevolence, but incompetence and poor judgement on the part of the PR team in F(x)Tec), but because of a few different factors, I decided not to buy the Pro1 in the end. As someone here already pointed out, because of all the delays, if I could even get hold of the phone in Q1 2020, it will be based on a 3 year old chip that peformance-wise is now on par with 7xx series or maybe even the higher end of 6xx chips in Qualcomm's offering. While I couldn't care less about the performance drop, the chip being 3 years old means it will not get any love from the manufacturer, no patches or updates. Nothing. Zip. Nada. Maybe F(x)tec guys will pull off a miracle and update the phone to Android Q, but I think that's as far as it will go. And that means IMHO this would not be a long term device for me, at least not as long term as I would've hoped had I forked out north of 700 EUR for it. What tipped the scale however was that I found what looks to be an amazing bargain black friday deal to get a Mi Mix 3 5G for 320 USD shipped and delivered (snapdragon 855, 6gb ram 128gb rom, 5g network support that's just round the corner in my country). It's still a slider phone in an aluminium ceramic combination of materials and it's just drop dead gorgeous ;). Yes, no physical keyboard but I would've been more beat down by this shortcoming if the pro1 was in the form factor of a nokia e72 or the blackberry bolds if You will. The pro1 isn't that however, maybe pro2 will be and then I'll reconsider my decision, but for now I'm just happy with the new toy :) And my new year's resolution is to learn how to build android roms, cause there isn't a single one for this phone and I'm condemned to use the MIUI which is just shambles (don't judge me here, I knew all that before I pressed the buy button). I hope I won't get banned from the forum, and who knows, if one of the next phones F(x)tec make will be my dream form factor, I'll get it. I wish everyone waiting for their Pro1 a Christmas miracle, may You find the phone under the Christmas tree! :) And all in all, a happy, healthy Christmas time with Your loved ones. As for the accusation at the start of this thread, it may very well be true, but given the ridiculously low stock volumes these resellers had I would at least consider giving the F(x)tec people the benefit of the doubt in thinking that maybe, just maybe, these small resellers preordered their phones just like many other people did. You're not talking amazon scale of resellers after all...
  7. With the amount of extra load on logistics companies around Christmas, I would be surprised if they kept their promised delivery dates. I'd say do the IT projects' estimation game and add 50% over anything they promise :) It's ridiculous, but that's the reality. They can't double their staff headcounts just for December, it's not that easy.
  8. The car is ok, so is the phone. You just weren't not holding them correctly ! ;)
  9. Ok, how about with more people on LAN (ableit a wireless flavor of it)? :)
  10. yet I don't see a concentric LAN cable sticking out of the Pro1 :) Good times.... Can this run Quake too?
  11. @WaxberryHow far away are You guys from getting all the paperwork in place for the phone to pass safetynet checks? At that point are You planning to move to use a different OTA provider, or will hang on to AdUps for the foreseeable future?
  12. A week has gone by and noone else got their toy?
  13. If that happens, they'll just repackage them and sell as Pro1 Slim edition :)
  14. So how are LineageOS and SailfishOS coming along? :) Any known ETAs on these being ready to work on a "daily driver" device?
  15. I totally feel for all the frustrated guys who have been waiting eagerly for so long for this phone, but seriously - there are people who have received their precioussss, so get a grip. It's not a fraud, Your phone is coming! I'll likely order mine after new year sometime, when there's no pressure and wait times have eased down. I'm also a bit hopeful that all the internals being a year older, maybe the price will drop a notch too :)
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