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  1. I recently read about a study during which teenagers were given a "walkman" device and a stereo casette, and they were asked to make use of these items. Most of them didn't have a clue about how to work with them which was really amusing. Technology has been progressing at a frightening pace in recent years, and the demise of keyboard phones is just one symptom of that. I'd be really surprised if the Pro1 catered to market of people <30 years of age. But I'm more than happy to be wrong for the sake of FXtec's marketing success and more forgotten designs being brought back to life on the back of that :)
  2. This poll will be a lot more interesting if it's done only between the people who actually do end up buying the phone. Right now it looks like 50% of user base are <30 years old, which I find quite odd.
  3. Just a thought on how to make the wait less unbearable, while going through tens of posts in the production status thread is just too much for me. If You've got anything concrete from FXtec, like the phone or even a tracking number for the parcel containing it, please post here. Pictures or videos more than welcome! 🙂 @ moderators - please remove any posts from this thread that are not confirmations from forum members on having received the phone or tracking number. If it's possible and appropriate, may be worth making this thread sticky too. (Two threads merged by moderator)
  4. The cut-out corners of the keyboard deck do seem like a poorly executed afterthought. Quite sad, if anything they should've just left the screws visible but not protruding in any way - the look of steel torx screws would be a lot more premium than some cheap-looking stickers. Good thing it's not ducktape. That's something I can live with though, unless under those stickers there's nothing to stop dust and other life's tiny debris from coming inside the phone. What's more worrying is the uneven keyboard backlight. I guess I'll just stay tuned for official reviews coming about to see if I'll fork out the money for the pro1.
  5. Indeed, 700+ views is fairly disappointing considering how many times the launch has been postponed. I'm just hoping that the device gets finished and starts shipping - it would be a huge letdown to see this project flop.
  6. Which is precisely why it's in FXTec's own best interest to improve their communication style with the community here - after people start asking their credit card company to trigger the "chargeback" procedure, or it's paypal equivalent in case any people here paid that way, it will be too late. There's just steep downhill for FXTec from then on. These chaps are not looking fondly at businesses who look like they're just cheating customers. I've had a couple of cases where something I bought off ebay or some stores in China didn't get delivered, and PayPal settled it with me very quickly with a full refund. What then happened between PayPal and the seller - I honestly couldn't care any less, but the same thing is likely to happen with FXTec should claims like this start to emerge. Not from my own experience, but I know that credit card chargeback is even less seller-friendly.
  7. I'm not sure everyone here is on the same page with what "pre-ordering" stuff really means. Have You ever pre-ordered anything on - say - amazon? I've done so numerous times, mostly with PS4 games, Mortal Kombat in particular. The way that would work was that the studio making the game would announce a provisional release date, which would trigger the possibility to pre-order the game to appear on the webpage. Once clicked, I was guaranteed by amazon to get the game as soon as it releases, for a price no bigger than that displayed on the page (I actually had that price decrease once or twice over the years). But it has also happened to me that the game was delayed, which had no effect on the validity of my pre-order - I still got the game as soon as it was out and was probably among the first few people to get it. Whether it was worth the extra wait is another question, for me the answer to that is invariably "yes". What's important and very different here is the reputation of the firm offering the pre-order option. I never once doubted amazon to deliver on their pre-order, or give me my money back in case the studio decided to cancel my beloved next iteration MK for whatever reasons. Here there's no intermediary so everyone who's already paid is at the mercy of FXTec, who clearly have issues with open communication. Personally I would take little comfort in the statements that there are laws in the UK to protect the money of those, who pre-ordered. Bigger companies have failed before and the clients are typically the last ones in the queue to get their debt settled by the collapsing company. Which is precisely why I wrote before - in their own best interest FXTec should improve their communication style and be open and honest with the community here. The worst truth is still way better than the most beautiful lie.
  8. Being too cautious to pre-order this phone I'm eagerly waiting for it to start shipping and get some tech websites to review it before I make my decision. However, while the above update is much appreciated, I think what would really put people at ease would be regular updates here on the forum every 2-3 days saying where You guys are in terms of being ready to ship. Something as short and open as say: "We've got XXXX units waiting to ship in our warehouse, we're missing this or that certification or piece of paper from that institution or this ministry or whatever. ETA for this paperwork is this or that day". I know putting numbers out like that is commercially sensitive information, but I'm sure those who pre-ordered would really appreciate knowing where they are in the queue. Two sentences every two-three days, no more, I'm sure it would make it a lot easier for people to wait. I'm not extremely pressed for a new device, my 3 year old phone still works reasonably well and there's no serious alternative to the Pro1 anywhere. So I'm happy to wait especially that it hasn't cost me a penny up to this point, but I understand the frustration of people who forked out 650 EURs behind a promise to get their device in 2-3 weeks time, but after 2 months still got nothing.
  9. Hi, Does anyone know if APTX codec will be supported on Pro1 for wireless bluetooth headsets? My impression was that it has been built into Android natively a while ago, but I'm not 100% sure and the specs page for Pro1 doesn't list support for this technology, so I'd appreciate this being clarified. Thanks in advance!
  10. And as always, there's the obvious option to just plug in any pendrive through the type-c port... Can be on a piece of cable if someone fears damaging the port. For stuff like periodically downloading the content of the internal memory that seems like a no-brainer to me. I've got 128gb of internal storage on my current phone - Mi Max - and I've never used half of it, but if I did I would imagine this would be for stuff like videos, which I would probably want to work on using a full-blown pc anyways. Bottomline, 128gb is probably generous enough for 95% of the general phone user population, hence the decision on FXTec side went the way it did. There are hybrid solutions for 2 sim cards and an sd, even xiaomi has that in some cheap phones, but this is yet another element that kicks the price up a notch, and in order to keep it at bay some sacrifices need to be made here and there. Given the price of the current top of the range iphones or galaxy's, I'm happy with the sacrifices FXTec made here to be honest :)
  11. It looks like I'm not the only one craving a BB-like phone done right :) Hope that's where FXtec will go next, someone above suggested licensing the keyboard tech from blackberry while doing everything else FXtec style. To me that would be a winning combination and it's easy enough to imagine, much the same way as is done today with screen+battery size variations on otherwise identical phones, how FXtec could offer such a device in a variety of sizes appealing to a much bigger audience. I'd personally like something in the size of an old Nokia e72 or not a lot bigger, but a very old nokia trick could allow to please a large number of potential clients. Remember how 6110, 6210, 6310 and 7110 nokias handled battery replacement? The battery was part of the case at the same time as it was providing the phone with juice. Because of that it was really easy for Nokia to offer bigger batteries - of course the price for that was a slightly bulkier phone, but hey - who's to say there aren't people willing to trade a little phone thickness for a little battery life. I for one would buy the biggest battery on offer for an e72 or similar sized handset.
  12. And yet there's surprisingly little variation in how phones are built these days. One thing I'm really curious about the Pro1 is whether the keyboard will allow typing with all fingers, not just thumbs (think of a very small traditional keyboard). Judging by the phone's size alone I think it should be possible for people with relatively small or medium sized fingers, but it really depends on the tactile feedback of the keyboard. I think for thumb(s) only typing the form factor of a nokia e72 or old blackberry is better, albeit at the price of a much much smaller screen.
  13. I think it suffices to say that Nokia, Motorola (think Razr v3) and Sony Ericsson designers of old used do spoil us for choice of form factors and features on the phones they offered. These days all You choose is the brand name/logo somewhere above, below or behind the screen as well as how badly damaged a version of Android system you want. To me that's just sad but I think that's the reality of the business. Although maybe that's just laziness and lack of courage on the part of manufacturers these days not to have anything more interesting on offer? You'd think physical keyboards are over, but how come a jio phone - the first feature phone with WhatsApp and some barebone google offerings - sold 25 million units in India alone despite not even having a physical qwerty keyboard. Yes, it's down to price mostly, but You have really cheap Android handsets as well, and jio phone 2 sells really well too despite being on par price-wise with cheapest all-screen slabs. I was going to post a picture of the clamshell nokia that had numpad when folded, but opened up to full qwerty with screen in the middle, but someone already beat me to it :) That was creative design, something clearly missing in phones today. That's why I'm fully behind Pro1, it's a breath of fresh air that to me is going to offer something far more important than a gazzilion megapixels in 7 camera sensors and a fart-illion gigahertz cpu clock. But maybe that's just me and I belong in the past...
  14. Agreed there's generally no harm talking what and what not, but this might put pressure on the poor fxtec people, and I think they've got enough pressure on their backs already at this point. I'm eagerly waiting for pro1 to start shipping and get reviewed objectively by some respectable phone authority like techradar for instance. But for all I see this is very likely going to be my next phone, provided that it actually makes it to the market. As for one-handed devices, I'd like to see something along the lines of old blackberries or nokia e72 come back - horizontal, small screen (at most 3") and full qwerty keyboard in a form factor that should easily fit in one hand yet remain comfy when using both hands to type quickly. Unfortunately the new blackberrys are just way too big for what they're trying to be, and their prices are way out of line with what's on offer technically IMHO. Personally I'd love to detox from being constantly online, I even tried that earlier this year with nokia 7110 - the new banana reboot. The phone fell just short of it's promises though, so I had to return it, but I'm still hoping there'll be a device for me on offer again one day :)
  15. Am I the only one to notice that this thread is about a sequel to a phone that hasn't even shipped to first preorder clients yet? Take a deep breath, drink a glass of cold water and let the fxtec chapps finish off their first product and actually ship it to clients before discussing the next product maybe, hm?
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