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  1. No spontaneous reboots for me (yet 😃). But my usage is pretty light, apart from phone/sms/signal 90% of my phone activity is ssh in termux and ebook reading (coolreader) 😁.
  2. Just a little bit longer than @hka 😄
  3. I created a Linux shell script version of it, maybe it will be useful for someone (I'm not sure if read -p is POSIX compatible, but should work in most shells): #! /bin/sh [ x"$1" = x ] && echo "Argument needed" && exit ver="$1" echo "* Wait for boot to bootloader to finish (or do manually holding VolDown+Power)" adb reboot bootloader read -p "(Enter to continue)" a fastboot flash boot_a LineageOS/lineage-16.0-pro1-test"$ver"-boot.img fastboot --set-active=a # fastboot reboot recovery does not work, so do manually: read -p "Roll down to recovery boot with VolDown, and pr
  4. PVx


    This may be useful - KCM & KL files for Photon Q, that used sticky modifiers (I used them on mine) : https://www.android-hilfe.de/forum/root-custom-roms-modding-fuer-motorola-photon-q.1768/motorola-photon-q-modifizierte-belegung-des-hardwarekeyboard.396216.html (post is in German, but the attachment is important) FinQWERTY in nice, but it would be great if it allowed to upload custom kcm/kl files (if it is technically possible), so you didn't have to root the phone to experiment. Or create an online 'apk keyboard installer generator', where you could put them and then instal
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