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  1. Many thanks akinwale for calling out that paragraph for this problem. I just had the same problem of not being able to hear a caller's voice for the first time today, and spent 30-40 minutes digging through Android settings, restarting, etc - then a quick search of these forums turned this up. The loose corner was indeed the cause, and clicking it back into place seems to have resolved it. Much better than taking all my calls on speaker and annoying the heck out of anybody in the area! The fragility is a bit disappointing, but at least now I know it's easy to correct.
  2. I am in the US using AT&T with a 4G connection. I received that email. So I checked my phone. VoLTE is provisioned (see below) although the Fxtec isn't on their whitelist. I used the Network Mode Universal app to turn off WiFi calling and set it to LTE only, and it seems to make calls without a problem. Voice Network type is shown as LTE. Fingers crossed, but I think it may be OK.
  3. I tried the foam method with this; used a big slab of it stuck to the phone back as temporary protection until my case arrived. Effective, but it was too thick to use as corner bumpers. I share your concerns about Sugru adhering too strongly, but it just occurred to me maybe I could just put the Sugru on to the DragonGrips (silicone rubber tape) since I know that that sticks well and can be peeled off without too much difficulty. May be easier than finding an appropriate non-damaging adhesive to attach bumpers to the top - I have some spare cases but no good way to stick. I co
  4. I'm using ideas from that link, yes. VERY helpful! But was traveling from 17th to the end of the year, so would not get back to receive shipment any sooner. I stuck a piece of closed cell foam cushion on the bottom of the phone temporarily until I got back. Not that hard to imagine, pic below of a perfectly decent 2 piece Body Glove case on a slider keyboard phone, that I know for a fact can take multiple 4' drops onto concrete and phone is unscathed. Given that we can get the Huawei and other cases to work, the bottom part is feasible. The top would be trickier design to
  5. I dropped mine on day 2, slid out of my hand while taking a call. Fortunately only a short distance to a table, but still a moment of heart-stopping horror I could do without during the 2-3 week wait for some Huawei P20 Pro cases to arrive. To anyone else with this problem - I've added some Dragon Grips; no more slipping. Might even try to make Sugru corner bumpers eventually. I wish they could have sorted out the 2-piece case issues, or released the specs to 3D print.
  6. Yes, same card. I am assuming user error or fit issue. Whatever, tape is cheap. LOL! A-Team indeed
  7. Success! You folks were dead right. It wasn't substantial enough to keep the SIM card held firmly, and I suspect I may have a janky SIM drawer as well, it seemed loose to the tech - so I took David's suggestion below. I pulled the shiny new AT&T SIM card out of the wretched keyboardless replacement phone I got yesterday during this ordeal (my beloved 2012 Samsung Stratosphere keyboard phone was on its last gasp), then put that SIM card in the FxTec tray gold side UP, and taped that sucker down on the bottom side. Phone face down, slid the tray back in with extravagant
  8. True that! The tech and I had to get up close and personal with the tray to see it. It's still entirely possible that we had it upside down, or slid off-center, or who knows what. Thank you all for your input and suggestions; this is a great community. I intend to take the phone over to T-Mobile tomorrow to have them try both slots both ways, and see how that goes. I want to rule out error, incompatibility, etc before I resort to sending this lovely phone back. I've been playing with it for 2 days, updating everything via WiFi and USB and transferring my data, and I don't want to l
  9. Gold side to the back, got it. Maybe I'll just download this video onto a tablet and take it with. Can't hurt, might help. As a side note, the black plastic drawer facing on the SIM drawer is loose. It's wiggly, and will pull away enough to see the 4 support posts connecting it to the metal drawer. Is anybody else noticing that? The tech specifically mentioned it and that I should be very careful with it; maybe is why he guessed SIM connector error. The SIM tray does have an angled corner to help guide you, but you have to flip the phone face down to see it because the card m
  10. Yes, I agree. The technician was actually suggesting that he had seen that behavior in phones that were locked to a wireless provider network, ie sold by Verizon, only work on Verizon network until/unless unlocked by the carrier at the owners request (after the contract has been fulfilled). So locked to a different carrier, vs a locked bootloader (as David suggested). I explained that the phone was from an independent manufacturer, and was never associated with any carrier. I took the SIM card instructions with me. The directions suggest holding the phone face DOWN (opposite of Craig
  11. AT&T US - Unable to get the new SIM card to work in this phone. (it worked in other devices) The tech tried repeatedly, put the card in both the SIM positions - no luck. He suggested in his experience either the phone was locked (doubtful), or the SIM connector defective hardware. Very disappointing. Any suggestions welcome.
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