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  1. Yeah I've been trying to use Fi with a Pro1, but I think I've reached the end of the road with this hangouts > messages changeover that Fi is forcing when it comes to text messaging. I can't even get it to work at all because the Pro1 is an extra level of "unsupported" below the normal level of unsupported phones. AKA, I can't even "activate" my Pro1 with the Google Fi android app, even though voice and data work fine, whereas I could at least "activate" my Blackberry Key2 as an unsupported device that would be limited to the T-Mobile network only (aka no network switching) Even
  2. It's a very nice modded camera app that I will certainly play around with, but I am not able to get the camera button to work with the app you linked to @sequestris are you sure it's not just opening up Snapdragon Camera and you didn't notice? Speaking of, @Craig I can get OpenCamera to FOCUS with the camera button I'm pretty sure, but not actually take a picture when I press it all the way in. It just opens SnapDragon Camera if I press it all the way in for more than an instant. What version of OpenCamera are you on? And did you do anything else to make this work like uninstall SnapDr
  3. I would, but I have the distinct honor of having serial number #999, which I quite like, and thus may want to show it off at some point. Unless all the labels say 999, in which case 😕
  4. Thanks for the info, Polaris. I was suspicious that the Blackberry may be lying to me about 4 bars. I will say that this photo is the only time they were that close together while I was testing this. Otherwise I would walk around the roof of our building with one phone or the other and these values really wouldn't change much, though the dBm reading on the Blackberry was generally slightly better than the Pro1. I feel like regularly the Pro1 would get up to -99.0 dBm and still only show maybe 1 bar, so I'm still confused about the relationship between bars and phones and dBm. If you'r
  5. Alright, I downloaded LTE Discovery app which is VERY helpful, so thank you zurvan2. According to that app, they are both connected to the same band (LTE band 4) and the same tower (I think?) but one has 4 bars and one has zero. The dBm measurements are not THAT different, at least not what I believe would enough to warrant 4 bars vs zero... But when I, for example, throw it in my local faraday cage (aka unplugged Microwave) the Blackberry goes to -118 dBm on band 4 and reports 2 bars of signal, whereas the Pro1, when on -104 dBm says zero bars. So does the bars relation t
  6. So in experimenting with Google Fi, I discovered that, at my work, the T-Mobile connection when I insert my Google Fi SIM into my old phone (Blackberry Key2) shows full signal LTE, whereas when I insert the same SIM into the Pro1, it shows 1 bar at best of LTE. Considering that both phones are considered "Un-supported" by Google, and thus relegated to only the T-Mobile connection, why is one of these T-Mobile only phones getting full signal and one of them getting almost nothing? If anyone has any suggestions of settings to mess with or quick codes to type in, I'm willing to experime
  7. Just got mine (in Los Angeles) and transferred my Google Fi SIM from a Blackberry Key2 into the Pro1 and had the same experience. Everything seems to work (LTE data, voice calls) but the app will not activate and the tech said it is not compatible. I have been sticking to using Hangouts for my SMS and MMS, so that still seems to work fine, but who knows how long Google will let Fi subscribers continue to use hangouts for SMS / MMS...
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