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  1. I used the included two sided tape from the kit. It's been holding just fine. I don't have any real tips for applying it beyond "be careful".
  2. Just did my replacement as well. Didn't have a heat gun and just brute forced the old panel off, and while it worked for me it is a process I can't honestly recommend. Does the version on aliexpress with frame also work with the pro1? If so that would eliminate the need for that step. Aside from that it all went very smoothly. New display is indistinguishable from my original as far as I can tell.
  3. Good to know! Just found a link in another thread and ordered the screen. Hopefully all goes well!
  4. Going to assume my repair options are nil. Would've like to have it longer, but oh well.
  5. Happening to me as well. Also if I try to manually check for updates I get the error "Network connection failed(Failed to connect to fota server /". Man, I really like this hardware, but the software has been in shambles since day one.
  6. Connected to LTE band 4 as we speak. Anything specific you want me to check?
  7. I've discovered a workaround of sorts. For whatever reason, pairing the devices (both my car audio and my headphones), allowing them to fail to connect, then turning off contact sharing in the "previously connected devices" list on the Pro1 makes them connect successfully most of the time. On the occasions when they don't connect, restarting the phone seems to sort it out. It's still not 100% reliable, but I can at least use them now.
  8. I have one other device, which is used, currently remembered. Zero unused devices, they've all been removed. This was not an issue with my two previous phones, or my partner's current and previous phones.
  9. Finally had a chance to try again with my car handsfree while not connected to another device (not much need for me to drive around lately :P). Did not make a difference, still doesn't connect properly. Much like @PC_ my car's bluetooth is a simple media/handsfree device, no Android Auto capability.
  10. Hrm... I gave the "one device at a time" theory a try and at first seemed to be working. My headphones connected no problem after disconnecting my watch. But then I turned off my headphones and they failed to connect at all when I turned them back on again. Watch reconnected with no issue afterwards.
  11. Has any one else has problems connecting to bluetooth devices with the Pro1? I have three devices I want to use. My Gear S3 smartwatch, a pair of Anker Smartcore earbuds, and my car's handsfree audio. The watch has worked pretty much without issue from day one, but connection to the earbuds is sporadic at best, and I have made exactly zero successful connections to my car. This is the only major outstanding issue I've had and I've been holding out in hopes of an update sorting it out, but f(x)tec has been quiet to the point of non-existent about what we can expect going forward.
  12. Literally my exact same experience, down to owning the same watch. Car sticks at "connecting", headphones don't pair at all (though did when I first unboxed the phone), and my Gear S3 works perfectly.
  13. Didn't see it in the list, so Telus (Canada) working with no issues. 4G, calls, SMS, MMS, other data, all good.
  14. Build number starts with 20200106, so I guess that's the latest. Hopefully another update sorts it out.
  15. Everything that I've been prompted to install. Is there a way to confirm I have everything?
  16. Well that's disheartening. How did you go about getting a replacement device? edit: And I've just discovered my headphones have stopped working, though they were fine two days ago when I first got my Pro1. I've installed some updates since then, so it seems one of them broke something.
  17. Tried to pair my Pro1 with my car's handsfree bluetooth and ran into issues. The pairing appears successful on the phone side but just waits forever and eventually times out on the car's console. The car appears in the pro1's "previously connected devices" list, and the pro1 is listed by the cars pairing menu as a paired device, but it won't ever connect. When I'm in the car the bluetooth screen on the pro1 just says "connecting..." forever under the vehicle handsfree device. Handsfree system lists "Phone Calls", "Media Audio", and "Contact Sharing" as available services. I've succes
  18. So Steam Link couldn't connect at all through the tether, for whatever reason. ...however, for reasons I cannot even begin to fathom... it now works fine* over wifi, and reports much lower network times to my local PC than any test via command line pings. It's possible that ICMP is deprioritised while UDP operates at full speed? *there is some audio crackling, but I believe this is a more general issue with the device.
  19. I'll give that a spin, though you're correct about it not being a permanent solution. The entire point of Steam Link is that I can play my games while away from my computer, after all. I wouldn't consider 1-5ms "very low latency" on a local network though. Acceptable on wifi, sure, but not very low.
  20. Yes, PC to Phone, all using the local network. Traffic over the internet is not involved. The network is 802.11ac. Running the Steam Link app on an Android TV device connected to the same network is a near-flawless experience.
  21. I'm finding poor local wifi performance as well. Pinging the phone from a machine on my local network gives me an average ping of 82ms(!). Phone is on 5GHz wifi, other machine is wired. The performance of the Steam Link app, which is hugely sensitive to network conditions, is also abysmal.
  22. When I first set up my pro1 I was met with this prompt and chose a keyboard layout. I soon after discovered that several keys do not work as intended when a non-default keyboard layout was selected so I changed back to default. Now I'm met by this prompt every time I start my phone. Is there any way to get rid of it for good?
  23. Canadian here again. Just got a robocall from FedEx telling me I owed about $70 in duties for my Pro1. Anyone else get this?
  24. And here I was thinking my delay was just because of the week long shutdown of all postal services in eastern newfoundland. 😛 Oh well, I was waiting either way.
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