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  1. This looks so good imo. Can we also get a " ΞΌ " sign in there for sciency stuff? That would be great.
  2. My problem is that you can get SD855 phones with edgeless qhd screens and tripple cameras for 500-600 dollars (or even less). But this is an off-topic discussion already discussed in another thread. (Also, I wouldnt pay that much for the razr either, because as you say that is a really weak and old fashioned chip)
  3. Hello, @waxberry Now a few months later I return with my question: any new info about if/when a scandi layout could be expected? Or should I just get a QWERTZ version? Albeit I really would not like to. The more and more time that goes by, the less sense the already high price makes... We are now essentially paying 650+€ for 3 year old tech apart from camera, RAM and keyboard... At this point in time, it feels like I will get a ProΒ² before there is a scandi proΒΉ
  4. Oh, I did not realize the QWERTZ were also included in the pre-order launch. Thought that would only be US-QWERTY, but that it was possible to put in an order for QWERTZ. Congrats, though! Looking forward to your review (I assume you will make one πŸ˜‰ )
  5. Any time table info on when and/or if production of QWERTZ and Scandi-QWERTY will start?
  6. This is absolutely amazing! But for now I will wait and see if they will move on with their plans for SCANDI-qwerty or not.
  7. Thanks! Unfortunately that site does not work for my phone for some reason; page can't detect "space"-input from touch-keyboard. I did, however, try it out on my Apple keyboard at work. I think I did fairly well (see results attached). I just have a super hard time reading scrolling (especially side scrolling) text like that. Every time the text moves, I lose my focus a bit. Thus I like typeracer more with its actual display of a text. It also helps me at least when the text is actual sentences so my mind can actual plan ahead. :P [attachment file=Screenshot 2019-08-30 10.54.48.png] [a
  8. You'd be surprised how slow the average joe types on keyboards. 25-35 wpm is what most people average around. Might be pushing it up towards 40 wpm with today's generation. I type faster on my touchscreen (at 35-40 wpm) than many of my friends do on their computer keyboards. At 60 you are considered a typist, and that is awesome with a phone!
  9. My latest conversation: [attachment file=32734] [attachment file=32735]
  10. I have also sent a mail indirectly about this. Let's see what they reply today.
  11. I don't use swyping in landscape mode. Too large distances. I feel we need to set up two divisions here. Physical qwerty in one, and touchscreens in another, otherwise there wont be any use in comparing scores. As can be seen above, physical qwerty beats the living crap out of touchscreen typing.
  12. But as far as I understood the reply I got, if you just dont pay your pre-order now and wait until the SCANDI is released and then pay, you SHOULD get the SCANDI version for the pre-order price of 650 EUR. I think that is pretty clear in the replies I got. Or have I misinterpreted it?
  13. Great news everyone! I got permission to share the conversation I've had with the team from FxTec here with you guys. Since the conversation is both about the pre-order pricing and about the Scandinavian keyboard I will post this same message in both threads, so sorry for the spam. This provides some very much needed information, and clears up a lot of things and misconceptions in regards to when and how we are supposed to pay and if a SCANDI keyboard is in works or not. Enjoy the read! :D [attachment file=32486] [attachment file=32487] [attachment file=32488] [attachment file=3
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