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  1. In my case it was definitely bad connection issue. If it was software, why would popping come only from one speaker, and why would it change on movement of USB cable plugged just by the speaker? But I'll definitely let you know if anything changes.
  2. Hello. As I mentioned in some other topic, I received my Pro1X 2 days ago. It looks great, keyboard is even better than in original Pro1 - layout much closer to normal, much more tactile. As with every qwerty phone I started from rooting, and tweaking keyboard to Polish language (by the way, if there are any Poles here, I'd like to share my keyboard tweak as a Magisk module - it really makes a difference!). Unfortunately I encountered a problem with bottom (right) loudspeaker. Sound is intermittent, sometimes popping, sometimes sounds like reversed phase. It helped for a while w
  3. Hello folks. Unfortunately, it's the same song again. I've just received my brand new Pro1X. It looks great, I find keyboard much better than in Pro1 (at least normal position of bracket keys, much better tactile feel). But the right speaker is producing distorted sound, sometimes popping, sometimes silent. Since the sound changes when I press firmly the cover where the speaker is, I'm almost sure the problem is due to poor electric connection. It's the same story I had with Pro1 - fingerprint reader was now working at all, but I gave up and didn't send it for repair for months.
  4. Hello. It's like threads gravedigging, but just a week ago I finally brought my pro1 to life by replacing a broken display with Ulephone U one bought on ali (and it didn't require any "firmware update for the touch function to work correctly"). But the point is that just a few moments ago I think I managed to solve problems with too loud handset sound volume and distortion. I replaced "/system/vendor/etc/mixer_paths_tavil.xml" with a file from latest Google Pixel 2 LineageOS (it shares the same MSM8998 CPU). I didn't have much time to test it thoroughly, but sound seems to be much better.
  5. It doesn't really matter if it ends with 622 of no Pro1 X at all, this means the end of fxtec. After changing promises with money collected, I don't suppose there will be many who can trust fxtec again. Me not. And since we are only ones who were willing to pay so much for a niche device, fxtec might be finished. They won't find more naive customers, especially when there are still more serious manufacturers. After a series of problems with Pro1, now that's Unihertz Titan which is my daily driver. With a lot of compromises, but the most useful mobile I had ever had. I waited for Pro1 X, but no
  6. I tried even older firmware (first version of fastboot restore), and the problem is there as well. I cannot register a single fingerprint. I'm afraid it's hardware related issue, but don't want to send the unit to repair again. I suppose that before fxtec can fix it, Astro Slide 5G will be already manufactured. 😉
  7. Hello guys. My problem is exactly as described in topic. When I try to register fingerprints, a screen with location of fingerprint sensor is displayed. When I touch the sensor, phone vibrates, so the sensor's working, at least it senses touch. But on next screen (asking to touch the sensor until I feel vibration) nothing happens. Pressing power button off and on doesn't help. After reboot, when I try to register fingerprints again - it's exactly the same. I tried different versions of original Android, tried also LOS - no difference. I'd like to mention, that the unit I have now is
  8. Hello. Does anyone have newer booi.img files from updates later than 2020.03.04? Or is it possible to install magisk using older boot.img files? Thanks in advance.
  9. Pro1 under LOS is great. Unfortunately just after I dealt with most issues (especially volume tweaking and forcing 24-bit headphones output), USB port broke I now I'm waiting for releasing lockdown in GB - support/repair center doesn't work until then.
  10. I've got a problem. Today USB port became loose and phone's not charging. I don't remember any serious force applied to port. It looks like soldering wasn't strong enough. What should I do now? Am I able to dismount phone myself? How to do it? Maybe USB port has only to be soldered to PCB, but if not, where to get spare parts? How to use warranty? I really like this phone, even it has some stability issues, but I didn't expect it to break with no obvious reason.
  11. Thanks @Craig! I couldn't play any games on nds and psx emulators, I thought it's caused by issues with Pro1 keyboard driver, but it was SwiftKey's fault. After I switched to LOS keyboard, everything's good.
  12. It's much better on current LineageOS. Headphones output is still much too loud, but at last earpiece is usable.
  13. I tested both official and LOS for quite a long time. Right now LOS is much better, has great support, has less issues, is fast and at least as stable, as official build. Good job tdm! Thanks to your work this phone gets almost perfect. Because what would be a great hardware with poor software? The answer is stock Pro1. Thank you very much. If there is a way to repay you for your work somehow (ie paypal account), please let us know, because at least me, I'd be glad to offer some money as donation for your effort.
  14. I've just found out that that's one of patches done by Magisk Audio Compatibility Patch module. I had it installed, and that's why I didn't have problems with distorted sound. Right now I tried to disable that module, and change files you mentioned manually, but they are read-only even with root priviledges. Vendor directory can be changed only by flashing boot image? Or is there any other way? I'd try to change other parameters also (want to have 24-bit default output to get rid of digital noise while listening with headphones at low volumes).
  15. Yes. Experienced the same. But maybe it's just a coincidence, because fingerprint sensor fails definitely too often. [edit] I mean problems with fingeprint reader are erratic and unpredictable. I miss reader in Key1 space bar. It was perfect.
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