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  1. I sent an e-mail to support and asked to be put on hold for the Scandic version. I have waited since the Livermorium/Moto Z hassle, what's another 3 months, right? My only gripe is that I already paid, and with Debit. I just hope I will eventually get the phone and not be left with a 500€ hole in my wallet :/ Lot's of uncertainties, but patience is the key here.
  2. I really hope my order went through correctly. Was away last week and noticed both the QWERTZ request mail AND payment mail today. Filled up the request and paid (went through immediately), but my receipt does not show QWERTZ separately like Eske's receipt does. I did contact Fxtec via the contact form but my last two messages were never answered so I'm hoping this time there will be a quick answer.
  3. This happened to me as well. Applied the coupon code correctly and showed $100 store credit when ordering, now the order does not show the discount? Order #17240
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