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  1. My fedex email had gone to junk -so I didn't see it till half hour ago when I remembered to check there...
  2. Sorry - in my haste I forgot to put in all the relevant info.. Got stock assigned yesterday (20th) at 11:43 (GMT) Got tracking number Today at 9:46 Delivery: January 27th before 6pm Keyboard: QWERTY Destination: UK Order: 17xxx Paid on: Aug 4th IGG: No
  3. Hurrah! At last 🙂 Expected Fedex in UK Monday 27th before 6pm. Order no was in the #17xxx range
  4. Thanks - the precision point on that one looks just the job... If only there was some way of using a wacom pen I'd be made up :)
  5. I used to use the stylus a lot on my n900 so it'll be weird to have similar form factor, no resistive screen stylus
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