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  1. One of things I'm most happy about in my future use of this phone is that it's use will be associated with sensible people like you. Telegram is a LOT better than Discord. It isn't great, but it isn't spawn of Mephistopheles like Discord is either. Basically, the only big privacy issue with Telegram is its requirement of a phone number. But, anyone with a 3 digit IQ knows giving up there phone number like that compromises privacy somehow, and are doing it for a greater convenience. I guess my point is that Telegram doesn't practice nearly the same amount of slimy, under-the-hood nastiness that Discord does. I'm rather upset Riot/Matrix hasn't taken off to the degree I want it to yet. The mental set fixation of the masses truly reveals itself when Riot offers nearly everything Discord does and more as far as convenient enough features, yet people will still turn a blind eye. Not because Riot is less convenient, but because it's not what they're used to. The only glaring issue I see with Riot compared to Discord (that most who would willingly choose Discord over Riot will never see) is that Discord uses the opus audio codec for calls and Riot doesn't. Opus is stupidly superior to basically every lossy audio codec and has been for years. It frustrates me when obsolete options are used in its stead.
  2. Well, even if aptX is supported natively by Android, that doesn't mean it's supported my every device that runs Android. Hardware is still a factor. Luckily, if you scroll down to or ctrl+f search for "General Audio" here, you'll find that the Pro1s processor (and therefore integrated DAC) supports aptx HD with no problems :)
  3. It is clearly stated in the FAQ that the Pro1 does not have a removable battery: https://www.fxtec.com/product/fxtec-pro1-pre-order/#toggle-id-9 However, a man who went to the recent hands-on event says that the battery is removable , and that it merely requires unscrewing to gain access to it. It would be in the best interest of F(x)tec to be explicit in stating that, while not hot swappable, the battery is removable as this being the case is basically just as rare as hot swappability; the discrepancy between glass slabs that require you to break something in order to access the battery, let alone remove it, and phones with removable batteries at all is much greater than the discrepancy between phones with batteries that require a screw driver to be removed and phones with batteries that just require your hands to be removed.
  4. Having a physical keyboard to type with is awesome already. Yet, F(x)tec outdoes themselves and makes a unique launcher that can be controlled/navigated by the keyboard as well. I am very excited for this feature! However, I am more so excited for the friendliness towards custom development. In this light, will the source code of the groundbreaking F(xt)tec launcher be opened? It would be simply awesome to, say, use LineageOS with extra physical keyboard navigation.
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