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  1. I was able to retrieve my package from the FedEx location today by showing my identification; all set.
  2. When I called, FedEx referred to the tracking number by the phone number from which I was calling. Despite this, FedEx stated that only the shipper (FxTec) can change the shipping address. However, FedEx did appear to allow my request for the package to be diverted to a nearby facility to allow me to retrieve it with proof of identification but I have yet to receive any confirmation of that action. Still, I worry that not having the correct address will be a complication.
  3. For what it's worth, I run the stock OS that shipped with the Pro1 and haven't had any issues aside from needing to reboot the phone every so often (I think to refresh my phone on my carrier's network or vice versa) to receive texts and calls. I don't have anything sensitive on my phone that could be compromised but I use it mainly with zero trust principles. I accomplish this in part by using a different email for my phone than my actual email, disabling BT, location, and WiFi, except when I am explicitly using one or more. Even then, I only connect to trusted devices (BT; not to exceed X
  4. Hello, The FedEx tracking number that was sent to me has an incorrect shipping address. It's very close but is not my address and, unless intervened, will be sent to a complete stranger. I would hate to not receive this after a few years because of a what appears to be a typo. I am posting here as well since the package is slated to be delivered by 20220809 and I am not able to divert it using my FedEx account. I have also used the "Ask a question" method in the Indiegogo campaign and posted a comment with this issue, since I'm not sure which message source will
  5. Title: "Main Website" contains links mainly to "Pro¹X" information but "Community" only has a tab for "Pro¹" Description: Navigation of the "Main Website" and the "Community" website is difficult. Currently, most links link to the Pro¹X instead of the Pro¹. If, for example, a user needs specification information about the Pro¹, the user must first access the "Community" link in the header of the "Main Website", then click on the "Pro¹" tab to access its features page. The disjointed websites need to be updated to ensure a quality customer experience. Ca
  6. I don't see this issue when using Firefox (v68.3.0 w/DDG Privacy Essentials and uBlock Origin) on my XT894.
  7. I am also awaiting a definitive response as to this working or not. On 20190430, I sent the following through the "Contact" form on the website. Hello, Will the Pro1 work on the US Verizon network? I looked on the forum and couldn't find a definitive answer. The closest I found was https://www.fxtec.com/forums/topic/cellular-bands/, which read like conjecture, not fact. Sincerely, jmcleod P.S. I'm still using a Motorola DROID 4 XT894. On 20190513, I received a response indicating that testing on all major carriers would take place in June. Hi jmcleod, To give y
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