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  1. Title: "Main Website" contains links mainly to "Pro¹X" information but "Community" only has a tab for "Pro¹" Description: Navigation of the "Main Website" and the "Community" website is difficult. Currently, most links link to the Pro¹X instead of the Pro¹. If, for example, a user needs specification information about the Pro¹, the user must first access the "Community" link in the header of the "Main Website", then click on the "Pro¹" tab to access its features page. The disjointed websites need to be updated to ensure a quality customer experience. Ca
  2. I don't see this issue when using Firefox (v68.3.0 w/DDG Privacy Essentials and uBlock Origin) on my XT894.
  3. I am also awaiting a definitive response as to this working or not. On 20190430, I sent the following through the "Contact" form on the website. Hello, Will the Pro1 work on the US Verizon network? I looked on the forum and couldn't find a definitive answer. The closest I found was https://www.fxtec.com/forums/topic/cellular-bands/, which read like conjecture, not fact. Sincerely, jmcleod P.S. I'm still using a Motorola DROID 4 XT894. On 20190513, I received a response indicating that testing on all major carriers would take place in June. Hi jmcleod, To give y
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