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  1. Same here. No stock assigned email. I ordered in early July and paid in early August. I've seen some US customers who ordered in September say they have received their stock assigned emails. Waiting forever~
  2. I ordered QWERTY πŸ€” I emailed support and waiting to hear back
  3. I ordered in July and paid at the beginning of August but I have not received a stock assigned email and the order status still says processing on my account. Now I see that another US-based customer who paid September got their stock assigned email? This makes NO SENSE. I should be in the 70% of preorders. What the heck!
  4. Wait so I can order one of these and cancel my pre-order AND it will actually arrive to me by fxtec's overly optimistic "by end of January" guesstimate AND the total cost won't be much more than what I originally paid for my pre-order? That sounds too good to be true!
  5. Second batch will likely reach customer's hands sometime in December as some here have been speculating for months. I wonder why there was so much confusion and contradiction about the timeline on the team's end, especially if the team knew how many phones they could realistically ship in each batch. I expect there to be shipping delays in December on account of the usual winter holidays' mail overload, so it may be more realistic to expect second batch phones in January. I think everyone here should expect to receive their phone by the end of 2nd quarter 2020. That seems realistic given how long it took for the earliest pre-orders customers to receive their shipping notification emails.
  6. I won't blame Erik if he decides not to come back. This thread has become a nightmare. Even Liangchen is upset. I hope everyone on the f(x)tec team will take a few days to de-stress before returning with a clear head. They're all doing great work, and shouldn't let a few forum trolls and troublemakers distract them from that work. I hope folks on this thread will recognize that the f(x)tec team is doing their best to deliver. Being less than perfect communicators doesn't make them liars or scammers. They can't control delays that happen after the phones leave their hands.
  7. They definitely have over 20000 preorders. Mine is in that range. Guess I'll expect my phone next month πŸ˜… my friends and family are starting to think I'm a sucker for holding out for this phone, but I'm not motivated to cancel because I'll lose my spot in the "queue".
  8. This thread has gone off the rails. @Erik I HIGHLY suggest that you create an updates only thread that is locked to other users, so that we can read your updates without needing to wade through pages of complaining and wild theories. AND I suggest putting a disclaimer on every post you make in such thread that anything you say is subject to change at the discretion of f(x)tec's directors. I work in administration at a large company, so I'm fully aware that there are people above your pay grade making all the decisions and changing things without telling you and other staff. I understand that not knowing what is going on above you is completely normal in a company, but it seems that others in this thread think of you as the Chief Communications Officer or someone else at that level who is completely aware of what decisions your company's directors are making at all times.
  9. Forum has been raided by Korean bots
  10. I was 18 years old when the first iPhone was released. I thought it was a terrible device even back then. I spent my undergraduate years with Samsung Galaxy models. Even after nearly 12 years of slab smartphone use I never grew to love the keyboard on the touchscreen. So I'm here now patiently waiting for the Pro1 to save me from my aging Galaxy slab😏
  11. I'm at the high end of the 25-30 range. I've seen the idea of the Pro1 trashed on other websites for not appealing to the "younger" crowd. That notion is complete nonsense as the Pro1 is a niche phone for a niche market (those who want physical keyboards), which isn't necessarily tied to the user's age. I'm not at all surprised to see several people in the 18-24 range responded to the poll. The current polling seems to suggest a rather spread out distribution of age groups, further supporting the idea that the Pro1's niche market isn't all just "old people" like the cynics on those other sites have argued.
  12. Keep in mind that some of those early pre-order folks may not be active on the forums, so we may not get device received info for a while anyway. For those reading, if you ordered the phone after early August 2019 please be aware that your phone may not be part of the first batch of devices sent out. Erik confirmed previously that they are shipping phones in the order that payment was received.
  13. Hmm mixed feelings on this update. Good news: They are still hard at work ensuring the devices ship with the best out-of-the-box experience Not so good news: The video is vague about shipping, and it's impossible to know when the video was created. We were last promised that devices would begin shipping on Oct 29th, but this new update (depending on when it was filmed) could mean that f(x)tec hopes that the first batch of preordered devices will be in hands of customers by the end of this week, OR that f(x)tec hopes to initiate the shipping to fulfillment centers by the end of this week. Generally I don't know why they would set such a specific date of Oct 29th if they weren't actually ready to begin shipping. That's way more specific than summer 2019, mid-September, or any other previous timeline estimate. So I have faith that they aren't messing with us and are doing their best to get devices in the mail sometime this week.
  14. Seriously please fix. This is annoying. I did NOT change my username, the system did.
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