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  1. As a betting man, I put the blame on the cable. The charging state when off thing just makes functional sense. The cable still works, but it's been relegated to data only usage. Glad I bought a bunch of new cables from amazon before it got here.
  2. For all the curious, changing the charging state and trying a different USB c cable seems to have solved the issue. The original cable still works, but I'll just leave him in the desk for now.
  3. Just did it after posting, I'll report back if it fixes it.
  4. Don't mean to sound like a smart ass, but of course. First thing I did.
  5. Bump, noticing the same weirdness as the OP. Except, this is on the stock cable and charger. Plugged it in at night, woke up with 48%. Tried different cables. Any reported solutions?
  6. Keep all of the keyboard profiles unchecked. When you see the notification, slide it left or right partially and you'll see the notifications icon. Hit that and you can hide the notification permanently. Can also be done for other annoying notifications!
  7. Sorry Craig, I'm totally confused now. We want Shift to be the button that calls up special characters instead of the yellow arrow? If that's the case, then I'm just going to sit quietly in this corner. Just ignore me. My bad guys!
  8. Weird, when I press the yellow arrows ↗ on the bottom row in conjunction with the number keys, I get the special characters like @$^*^. I'm running the latest version of stock.
  9. Sorry for not being specific. I wasn't happy with the FinQwerty layouts. In another post, someone had mentioned it's possible to restore functionality by disabling all of the keyboard layouts. Sounds counterintuitive, but if the keyboard input profiles are all blank (deselect all of the profiles and then hit the back arrow) the phone will go to "default". All of the keys, shift, and special characters will work. See my attached photos. There will be a notification prompt urging you to select a keyboard input profile. You can tell Android to silence it which is what I did by swiping it partially left or right. Hope this makes sense, I can be more specific if you need a step by step. Just let me know 😊
  10. Don't forget to deselect the keyboard profile and hide the notification to set it, the keyboard will then operate as intended. This is a nuisance bug.
  11. Probably not. I just saw it in the magisk list and downloaded it.
  12. I just set up my SD card as internal storage. Solves the problem for the most part. Good to know the Pixel stuff isn't needed for the camera. Regardless, I like the pixel features 😀
  13. Using it daily and running stock with Magisk. I really like the phone, but my two biggest annoyances are the curved screen and the slightly offset keyboard. The F key is one key off from where my thumb naturally wants to fall. I end up typing gibberish if I try to go full steam ahead without confirming where I put my thumb. I've gotten better and I think this will go away with time. I wish the keyboard didn't have some many superfluous keys on it like control and the special symbol characters. Hoping I can get used to the new arrangement, but it is definitely a learning curve. I don't remember having this much difficulty picking up new keyboards. The curved screen is just a PITA. Edge Null has been a godsend and I have it set to 60 for both landscape and portrait. That helps reduce the mistypes somewhat. I'm hopping someone makes a phone case/condom that wraps around the curved edges and eliminates that issue. I didn't bother setting up the fingerprint scanner since its location doesn't fit my large hands or how I hold the phone anyway. Other than that, the phone is a dream. I love the fit and finish. I really enjoy using it. Edit: I recommend going the Magisk route and Pixelfying the phone. The camera can be immensely improved with the Pixel software camera. There's a bug that inverts the image on night shift, but it comes out correctly and is something that I can live with it. I just wish I could figure out how to remap the camera button to the pixel camera.
  14. I'd just grab a Pixel sim card and shove it in. If it works yay, if it doesn't well no harm no foul.
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