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  1. Has anyone had a problem with Swift Type and the latest build where occasionally when you press two keys at once, the accented character window pops up? I'm having trouble recreating it, but it seems that switching to another software keyboard system and back seems to fix it. Driving me nuts and it's tempting me to switch to another keyboard.
  2. Give it a few years gents. It seems the keyboardless dark ages we lived in has caused us to forget what makes a good keyboard. We'll have to crunch through a few before we get that perfection again. Pro 1 is close, but not quite there yet.
  3. Kiwi browser, the only one outside of Firefox that supports extensions.
  4. Try swift type. Typing this right now with correct grammatical add-ons and spelling to boot. I just wish it did emoticons like Gboard. Edit: SwiftKey, thanks for the correction Dave.
  5. Is anyone having an issue with the speakerphone not working during calls? Pressing the speakerphone button during a call doesn't switch the speakerphone on. Edit: Disregard, wiping the phone fixed it.
  6. Silly question, can I flash this update onto my phone without deleting my user data? I legit just installed v8 two days ago and don't want to go through the mess of reinstalling everything.
  7. Make sure your APN is set correctly. Mine wasn't and that was the cause of my woes.
  8. Tip, if you have Magisk installed and you keep getting errors on launch make sure Android didn't install it to your external SD card. It needs to be installed on internal storage or else it will crash!
  9. I was going to take a screencap of it, but it's all fixed now. Typical. ALso weirdly enough, I can't get Magisk Manager to open without crashing. Have to figured that one out now.
  10. @tdm , I just installed test8 and I am BLOWN away with how much progress you've done with it. And everyone else: Has anyone noticed some oddities with the front facing camera in Google Duo? I get a lime green appearance to my face. This also appears in other apps, but not in the default camera app.
  11. @Khalid I know you wanted something that works out of the box, but test8 of the Lineage build is out of this world good. The margin settings eliminate the accidental touches and TDM's work on the keyboard driver has completely changed how it operates.
  12. Can SELinux validation be faked with Magisk? I have a few apps that require certification 😕
  13. Tired of Curved screens accidental touches? To stop it for good, try this: Step 1: Open Play Store. Step 2: Search for EdgeNull. Step 3: Install EdgeNull Step 4: Open EdgeNull and set a portrait and landscape pixel width of 58. Set any other settings that tickle your fancy. Step 5: Live happily ever after.
  14. Honestly, i'm tempted to give my device off to some engineer to design a case in CAD which can then be 3D printed at will using a nice rubbery material. A proper fitting case is a custom made solution.
  15. OP, I feel your pain. I already dropped the device from my hands (damn slippery metal) onto cement and now the back is marred up. This is one device where a case would reduce not only the slipperiness, but stop the stupid curved screen touches. Doubly so, the app EdgeNull is a GOD SEND for stopping the accidental touches. I set the pixel width to 58 for both landscape and portrait. This is a perfect mix that blocks touches and above all still allows you to hit burger menu icons for various apps. Also, for some reason my Wifi connection to my home router is utter shit. It just disconnects so randomly. No idea why. @tdm doing God's work.
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