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  1. I was really hoping for 18.1 to fix this. This is really super annoying and might make me to switch to other phone since I speak daily 1-2h with clients in my car. The on/off bluetooth trick during the call fixes this bug, but it doing it past 6-12 months is starting to really tire me out
  2. Is it really only me who finds it annoying, or more likely, is it only that I can't find solution online, but is there really no quick key on the keyboard for volume settings when keyboard is open? I am using Fingwerty if it matters.
  3. Yes, addition to these, I would add the bug with certain car audio-android auto setups where no sound is transfered to car during phone call. I have noticed that sometimes it helps to crank the volume setting all the way up and down couple of times during the call. This occasionally seems to lower the voice level. Might be of course placebo effect 😄 , but I feel that sometimes it helps. Especially if using earpiece.
  4. Hi So is this information correctly? For somereason I thought it would not matter which gapps we should use. Heck, don't even remember which I installed last time. Anyway, so adb 17.1 (can be done with old recovery), reboot, adb opengapps and Magisk -> good to go? No data loss?
  5. Thank you for your answer. Unfortunatelt it is not for me, I only want to use one phone. Btw. You could set up your motoG8 to automatically set up hotspot for Pro1 when it connects to your car bt and thus you could use pro1 for android auto and music. The motoG8 would only then handle the bt and phone calls. I used to have this kind of setup with my N9 when I was motorcycling back in the days
  6. So, I have really annoying problem with pro1 and lineage. I am driving and connecting to my android auto supported car radio. Everything else works, audio streaming, mic and even ringtone tune, but the callers voice doesn't get connected. I can circumvent the problem by turning off and re-enabling BT during the phone call, but this works only for one call, the its back to not connecting. I have tried disabling HD audio from bt menu, tried few different bt audio codecs, no luck. I think that before installing android auto, it might have worked occasionally with fresh lineage OS installatio
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