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  1. I hope this happens soon. Not buying the phone til this is sorted. I have a VERY bad habit of dropping phones!🙄
  2. I just hope for great reviews when the product is finally received by original backers. Anything less will be a major setback.
  3. They are NOT the only ones making a landscape/portrait slider or similar. I've had my eye on this for a while and they have a great track record of manufacture: https://store.planetcom.co.uk/products/cosmo-communicator I'm just not brave or foolish enough to be an early adopter of expensive new tech. 🙂 Still using my Passport ......and it has a protective cover. I'm sure Fxtec will come through very soon..........we've seen the boxes!
  4. OMG 4-5 hours per unit? How can they EVER get this into mass production down the line?? The good news is that it's on its way and I can't wait to hear the feedback from early adopters. I still have my BB Passport and am waiting anxiously for reviews in the real world before I jump in.
  5. As a BlackBerry user for the last 20 years I'm about to "jump ship" but the availability of a holster ...not just a case...... is a deal breaker for clumsy old me who can drop or break ANYTHING :-)
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