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  1. PatBue

    Duplicated keys

    Aah. Okay ... well, I'll stay relaxed and take it as a lovable character trait of the device and still change the case 🙂
  2. PatBue

    Duplicated keys

    I have had the same problem for a few days. Sometimes it seems to me that the leather / fabric cover is statically charging the display and causing the effect. When you slide it out of the case, the typing starts. Strange... 😕
  3. Could it be that the widgets are limited in size? I don't get the widgets bigger than half a screen.
  4. I was shocked to discover that the Bluetooth loudspeaker was not working. : - \ The phone came yesterday, after eleven months, and I was already thinking that I would have to send it back. Thank you for your solution. It works.
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