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  1. I got an SMS then an email shortly after - so I would expect an email too.
  2. Tracking Number recieved - delivery on 28th for me.Getting progessivly more excited! Better work from home that day then!
  3. Thanks for the info. I got stock assigned yesterday, order #68XX, paid July 31st and I haven't got tracking information yet. It seems strange how they are going about this but hey - I've stick with it this long so I guess the light is at the end of the tunnel. I only hope that everyone who hasn't got tracking info yet they have the correct details for!
  4. And here I am without being able to log into an account - I've created an account on the site with the correct email but no pre-orders there!
  5. I got my stock assigned email yesterday - I do hope to get tracking details today like other people have been getting. Samsung S8+ is really starting to slow - but that might be the sim card. What size SIM does the Pro 1 use for its primary I can then get a replacement ready.
  6. What launchers are people using? I'll be coming from Samsung with their launcher so I have absolutely zero experience with launchers in general, or even if they still exist! Any that work well with portrait and landscape mode, has media controls, decent lockscreen etc? Thanks.
  7. Hey - first time posting! I got my stock assigned today so I can't wait now. #68XX, UK, No Coupon, QWERTY. Any ideas on how long from now until delivery? I'm guessing a week or 2.
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