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  1. So if I understand that correctly, even with the LineageOS 20 build, the connectivity is still all over the place, correct?
  2. How are the glimpses coming along? 🤡
  3. What is the current status of SFOS on Pro-1[X]? Last time I used it (Jolla) even copy&paste was barely existing. Smartwatches that needed Android apps also did not work, as Android apps did have access to internet, but could not use bluetooth. Any updates on that front?
  4. Nice to hear - I thought, that's a bug that won't survive for long. The crackle on start/stop has me worried more (as it also occurs on playing "silence") - this sounds (no pun intended - ah wait, yea...) like a hardware problem on the amp side, let's see whether they can do something about that. Yet, even this could be "ignorable". The "background train" on [almost] silent parts is probably the biggest of em.
  5. @Hook Wow! You are a 1-in-1000 good hearted person! Your trust in this company is over and beyond. (I mean that absolutely positive!) I absolutely believe that Chen's top target was to deliver a top product. And it shows on what they delivered (Q/A is another issue, but you can definitively see the intentions were right). That's not the problem. But due to all those hiccups, it obviously turned into a "saving face" game instead of truthful communication - and no - it wouldn't have taken a single more minute, to write what's going on than to write "we're about to ship next week" for t
  6. Ok, but as "everything was finished" in 11/2021 - that should include LineageOS and Sailfish as well - as those were - next to ubuntu touch - the systems promised to run from the get-go. And if there are hardware quirks to fix, how does this occupy the software guys? It just does not make any sense. I mean, let's face it. The 662-nerf was ouch, but not the end. Computational performance on cellphones hit "decent enough" in 2015. Since then it's "oh look - we have 23 lenses!!" and more power "just because". My most graphic-intense app is Google Earth - I guess the 662 is fine for 99
  7. so the pro1 was supposed to finally ship in 12/2020 (I remember cancelling 07/21), and we saw the first test builds in 11/2019. This means we should have seen the first test builds for the Pro1x around 12/2021 - at the very latest. I mean - we all remember the 11/2021 update: "Whilst finalising the development of the Pro1-X, we have managed to confirm a final date for mass manufacturing with the factory. " Right? Kinda there. Done. Finished. Slight adjustments left - ready to mass produce, right?, k?, not?, sure? 😄
  8. well, with respect to your numbers, mine seem to be on the optimistic end of it. So I'm putting the Pro-1X in the best light possible.
  9. Not to break sweet dreams, but remind me - when was the official release of the Pro-1X initially planned? If we agree, that Lineage adoption would have started 6 months before scheduled release, how long would development be ongoing by now? It's now almost end of 2022 - after all that time, it's still "better kept private", because (who?) knows better to continue with this, than the general public does? - And who is this "who"? Naa - no such development happend, I'm afraid.
  10. yeah, because this is how open-source development usually runs - hidden on non-public channels - before you get too many contributors or peer reviews.. 'cause that's always annoying! 😉
  11. This is true if there is only ONE developer. And if there is only ONE developer on this, I am not holding my breath, as I'm not suicidal! 😉
  12. LineageOS is open-source. If there was any development whatsoever, there would be a branch as well - I couldn't find one. XDA has a device section for the Pro-1X - empty (except for the administrative hello-world postings). As far as I'm concerned: No one invested a single second on a Pro-1x LineageOS port so far. (I'm happy to be proven wrong though ;))
  13. To put "for the most parts" into numbers - here is Geekbench5 on a 825 (that is a $400 phone from 2016, the 835 from the initial Pro1 should be ~30% faster) vs. the Pro-1x: single core 825: 326pts pro-1x: 307 oneplus 9 pro: 1075 multi-core 825: 812 pro-1x: 1280 oneplus 9 pro: 3389 compute (opencl) 825: 1610 pro-1x: 381 onplus 9: 3541 samsung galaxy S21: 6990 compute (vulkan): pro-1x: crashed (I tried twice) Regarding "normal use", all I can say after testing for ~2hrs is: build quality is very nice speakers very decent
  14. (this thread was split out from another thread, hence the odd first post, that seems out of context, EskeRahn) and having a faster device 😄
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