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  1. But in description not write about first proto type batch. And i want a normal, not shifted layout.
  2. Hello! What keyboard layout you get? "Tab | q | w" or "tab | ~ | q"? P.s. i get pre Christmas bundle with "tab | ~ | q" keyboard layout. 😞
  3. They have promised to ship the order by the end of each week for 2 months now. Previously, they promised by the end of each month. And I don't know how many more excuses there would be. But, this time, with the money back, they worked quickly. Thanks for that. Maybe in the future, if they set up production and logistics, I will buy this phone.
  4. You feel kind of stupid? No, i feel kind of stupid. I made an order in September. And every month f(x)tec wrote that they would ship at the end of the month. I asked for a refund in March. But they wrote that if I wait 1 month, I will get a phone. I agreed to their terms. But COVID-19 happened. Ok, I understand Christmas days, New Years, Chinese New Years, Covid-19. In early June, I once again reminded of the order and they confirmed that they would ship within a month. I gave them until the end of July. In early July, I received a letter that the reserve was assigned. But so far I ha
  5. Hello. Are there those who received information about the assignment of stock a few weeks ago, but did not receive information about the delivery?
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