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  1. Never mind... I should have searched before posting... Shit.
  2. I mothballed my Pro1x but am traveling internationally tomorrow, so I wanted to bring an unlocked phone. Pro1x red LED will light for about a second, then turn off. USB ammeter shows 0.1-0.2 amp draw while the LED is on, then back to zero. No screen activity. Is there a way to force it to take a charge, besides opening the phone up, and hooking the battery directly to my bench-top supply?
  3. I'm posting here because I'm not getting any responses to my emails. Hopefully, this gets to someone's eyes who can do something about the situation. Timeline: August 2020: I receive my FXtec Pro1, and am in love with it. March 2021: My touchscreen starts to go on the fritz, there is a dead band in the digitizer. April 2021: The microphone fails. I reach out to FXtec for a repair. April 27, 2021: I ship the phone back to FXtec so they can diagnose and repair the issue. May, 2021: FXtec receives, diagnoses, and repairs my phone. (New back cover, microphone,
  4. Hey folks, I'm dealing with the same thing, maybe? I've always had phantom touches when charging from an AC adapter, but about a week ago, I got a 10mm wide band right about where the number row in the on-screen keyboard is, that doesn't respond to touches. FxTec told me to send the phone to them, and that they would turn it in at least a month, or maybe longer... So, 2 weeks shipping over, minimum 4 weeks in UK, 2 weeks back, and my 6 month old phone is out of my hands for 2 months? That won't work for me. Where can I buy a replacement screen? (Also my microphone just too
  5. Callum, This is great news! Please keep us posted. I don't suppose you guys would like to try and make a case for the phone as well...? I'm pretty sure you'd get a few thousand orders, since there are none on the market currently.
  6. So, I got my pro1 today, and I'm enjoying it so far. But, I'm trying to figure out what the second, smaller 5mp rear facing camera is for...
  7. Then why are you still hanging around on the forum?
  8. I wonder how many of you folks have ever worked in the electronics manufacturing industry, and truly understand what it takes to bring a product from concept to first deliveries. My background was in infrastructure telecom, so things like aesthetics weren't as large an issue as consumer-level equipment, but that didn't really make life much easier for us. Y'all need to take a nice relaxing walk outside... 1. This is a startup company, presumably building a brand new piece of hardware from the ground-up, and without the benefit of established supply chains, parts vendors, manufacturin
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