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  1. Yeah.. I'm missing the accents on longpress very slightly too, but it's not something I use frequently. Just GBoard here. Languages and input : Gboard, Google voice typing (I have switched off assistant, can't stand it). Physical keyboard : Fxtec Pro1. English UK language. Google spell checker. No auto-fill service.
  2. I may try SwiftKey later, but it is not currently installed.
  3. It just isn't doing anything. Press finger on empty area of launcher, home settings, go into keyboard shortcuts, select 'Y', assign to WhatsApp. I know the 'F' key is working because if I go into Messages and press it, I'm returned to the launcher screen. Then hold down 'F', tap Y, and nothing happens.
  4. I've not taken many phone calls so far, but so far call quality has been fine. Not tried video calls but don't see why they would be poor, the screen quality, speed, and connection are fine. I've already disabled gestures as I find the Pie method of switching applications more annoying than anything else. I'm pretty certain the Blackberry apps are available in Play Store for the Pro1 (and extracting it from my Priv would always be an option), but I'd rather purchase them if at all possible. Shortcut definitely isn't working. If I hold it down it literally does nothing, but the k
  5. I've deleted my fingerprint - might have sorted it!
  6. I'm getting on ok with my Pro1, even more so after realising split screen mode allows apps that don't co-operate with landscape mode to work on half of the screen when in landscape. However, in other ways it's not as optimal as my Priv Keyword prediction and swiping : this was a huge strength of the Priv. Is there a virtual keyboard that only supplies keyword suggestions when in landscape (keyboard open) mode? I could import the Blackberry keyboard probably, but would rather try other options/pay for an existing product. It would also be lovely to map something to 'delete word to the left
  7. Is there any way to just disable it completely? Either that or touch detection at the edge of the screen is distracting other software
  8. Thanks for the pointer at removing gesture support, I'm not a huge fan of Android 9 so far. After turning off the assistant and removing gesture support it's a tad more usable.
  9. I've received mine (S/N 1011). Ordered at the beginning of September after the request for payment came in (initial signup was in April). I have a few mixed feelings about how well Android works with landscape keyboards these days, and a few niggles about the implementation, but Fxtec have delivered exactly what was promised on the website.
  10. I'll be using it for everything, I hate using virtual keyboards. It's especially useful for e-mails, and IM conversations. I might play a little nethack too, although it was quite awkward to play on the Priv, and there's some excellent mobile games out there which rarely use the keyboard.
  11. I think you need to bear in mind that Fxtec prototypes are actually out both at tradeshows and being used by a minority of users. At the opposite end of the scale when I kickstarted the Sixense STEM system from a company with a proven track record (at that point) and they never showed anything more than 3D drawings, and the excuses came again and again. I was shocked when I actually got a refund from that. If Fxtec were trying to scam us, they'd be delaying for more than a couple of weeks (for the very first pre-orders). I'm hoping for a great phone, after all the only keyboard alternatives
  12. Any chance of a bundled screen protector? I know pre-orders ship with a case, which is welcome, but does this also include a screen protector? I've always operated my Priv with a screen protector from day one. I didn't with my old Xperia Pro and the screen isn't in particularly decent condition! Given the rarity of keyboard phones (after the Xperia Pro, I had a US Motorola Photon Q modified to add a SIM slot, then when that died the Priv was the only keyboard phone) I want to do as much as possible to protect it. Really looking forward to returning to a landscape keyboard phone.
  13. I don't really care either way. I have a Priv and do see the curved screen as a bit of an unnecessary gimmick, but it's not going to stop me buying the only landscape rootable Android phone on the market.
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