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  1. I have stopped caring, and at this point, I wouldn't blame Fxtec for doing the same. This world doesn't deserve to benefit from genius any longer. Welcome to the Idiocracy.
  2. Given how this thread has gone, I think a bit of off-topic discussion might be the breath of fresh air it needs. Erik or possibly other mods can always edit the first post with updated information, which is generally the best practice to use for these sorts of posts anyhow.
  3. https://crackberry.com/blackberry-confirms-priv-will-not-get-android-nougat If you've got 7 on the Priv, then you've got some kind of special build or something, definitely do NOT let that device go! 😛
  4. Yeah @EskeRahn and I are discussing why I'm having such issues with my Priv, wrong orientation of keyboard aside heh 😛 I'm beginning to suspect it may be a regional issue for me, as I know the Priv varied hardware-wise by region, and even the software builds are different by region. You'd think living in Canada, I'd have the best possible chance at having the best possible version of a BlackBerry product, but who knows lol. Given not being able to put my own, clean versions of Android on it, or having another identical piece of hardware to rule out hardware problems, I'm not sure what els
  5. I agree completely with this idea, and I believe it shouldn't be impossible to be implemented in Android as it stands now. Once I get a Pro1 myself and start looking into customizing things, I'll keep this in mind, unless Fxtec notices this suggestion and implements it themselves first *nudgenudgewinkwink*
  6. Heh yeah I was a bit hesitant to get into it, but as you said, it'll just get lost in the noise anyway. I was actually excited at one point to have discovered that Speedtest by Ookla was a nefarious app, as it's one I used to use at work for testing network speeds, so I just happened to have left it on my devices due to that, and I suspected it was this app that was giving my Priv all its troubles. But even after removing it and, like I mentioned, leaving it just idle with nothing going on except Play Store automatic updates and GSam to track various things, even putting it in airplane mo
  7. Amen, and feel free to call out things as needed, I know I can be a bit heavy handed at times with some of my points. I just say what's on my mind, and with having a bit of experience professionally with this sort of thing, I know all too well exactly what Fxtec is going through, and I admit that can give my comments a sense of elitism. More on the topic, they're excited to deliver an amazing product they are clearly extremely passionate about, so a lot of what they've said and done makes sense when viewed in that manner. Who doesn't like sharing every bit of info they can when excited,
  8. Heh, the thing with the Priv for me is that it's a fresh wound. I actually spent the last half of last year trying everything in my toolkit to try and fix the Priv and make it work well in this day and age. It's simply not possible. The build of Android is so bad that it crashes every 40 hours or so just sitting idle, and BlackBerry abandoned the device after 2 years on the market. With the whole "hardened kernel" and "security focus" pathos that company now has, that means there can and will never be any community support for the device to save it from this untimely demise. Ironic, too, that
  9. One thing I can offer about this is I've found this sort of thing with all kinds of Android devices over the years, and is why I always disable auto rotate except for those specific moments I have needed landscape. That said, since Android 9, Google has introduced a navbar hint that appears to the right of the square button if you leave your auto rotate disabled that will offer to rotate the screen manually if you rotate the device from its normal orientation. Solves the problem entirely for me, and IMO is the proper way to "auto rotate". Not sure if Fxtec is taking advantage of thi
  10. The Priv is garbage because it's trapped on a garbage build of Android 6 made by a garbage company that should have quit the business long before selling out to China. I own one myself and have the expertise to be making these statements. My ASUS TF300T from 2012 running a properly optimized version of Android 4.4.4 still runs literal circles around my Priv to this day. As an aside, I guess it's a good thing we have this thread to collect all these nonsensical posts so that they're not littering the forums in general, but it's amazing how much anger people have towards a company ac
  11. It was a laughable post, I was going to make a remark, but then thought better of it, but then noticed this here and I couldn't resist chiming in. The thing with Unihertz is they are a Chinese company based in Shanghai, so of course they get automatic priority over any other companies looking to do business in China, so there's your explanation right there. Doesn't matter how big they are, they'd get priority and the utmost support, especially in the current political climate.
  12. It continues to amaze me how much time people seem to have on their hands around this thread. I actually don't fault Fxtec for the radio silence; every time they give the slightest hint of info, the wolves come lurking. Maybe try your hand at designing and manufacturing yourselves, then come back and play.
  13. Well, it's more that I find myself in a bit of a... transitional phase, work-wise, at the moment 😛 let's just say I have nothing kind to say about office politics, and have learned my lesson to steer clear of those types of employ. It's not worth it. So while I could in theory afford it immediately, it would be somewhat unwise to do so until I've found a suitable replacement for my work, as it were. Hence why my tone may have been a bit pointed at times because I don't want to have to immediately pick the phone up if I have to, but I'm not about to miss an opportunity for something as per
  14. Well, I'll start this off with a recent discovery I made, and thankfully I haven't seen anyone mention it here yet, but in case anyone else out there uses this app, I wanted to share the news: Speedtest by Ookla does some concerning things when you're connected to wifi networks which severely impacts battery life on multiple devices I own. I didn't care to investigate it to the level of using Wireshark, but suffice to say, you're better off not having that app installed period. So, with that out of the way, I'll second previous mentions of GSam and 3C as being pretty essential apps, and I
  15. Fair enough, but well within reasonable rounding to 10 years. I had the slightly older model, in fact, the i927 Captivate Glide. Still do, in fact, though it sadly hasn't been usable since 2015, for me. I managed to put one of the last builds of CyanogenMod on it and got a little bit longer life out of it, but when you can't even get Google Maps to work properly on the go, you can't really call that functional anymore.
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