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  1. Thank you guys, sounds great, will try both of them :)
  2. Well guys, how you can trust this Chen with such a.... brest? πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„
  3. Well well well.. As I already said, I am sad. Again. I have expected some official statement today.. shame nobody cares about us at all. Literally not at all.... :-(
  4. Not yet, cause it made unexceptional stop on my old test mobile. Have to try it with some better one, since this is not working properly.. But the description is promising.
  5. And how about the BEST PROFILES from symbian alternative, nobody knows? Check what it does: https://www.smartphoneware.com/index.php?did=profiles_s3_s60_3_5 Just trying PhoneProfilesPlus right now, seems pretty cool, but missing the profile activation by entered location.. Anyone experienced?
  6. Locus map: For those who needs to record tracks in nature or to work with maps a lot. You can also work with .gpx files and also share them or whatever - usefull eg. for guides. Has many features and different (mostly paid) maps - also for cycling or hiking. The program has so many setups, that it may get annoing for someone, but when you get used to it, I am sure there is no better app. Also can work as a bycicle trip computer with nav. Good to purchase pro. Not that expensive and very usefull. Unfotrunately the lifetime licence is for programm only. When you need some map, you still have to buy it. Anyway, you can many of them find by google and save manually to the folder of Locus πŸ˜‰ Mapy. cz: perfect maps with topographic lines, all for free. Usefull for hiking and cycling, recently it can also navigate cars, but I did not try yet if it is worth to use as a car navigation. In other aspects it is a reliable app I can confirm.
  7. Hi all. There is a toppic for apps, that works fine with landscape mode. Lets proceed also with apps in general and try to help each other for some hints or to review usefull apps. Feel free to ask and answer. This is not about landscape-specific, so I guess it won't be profitable to merge that together. So at the beginning my case is about phone automation. While using Symbian phone, I have app called BestProfiles (or similar). This app can set some phone features related to specific situations - time, location, both together etc. For example when it is 10PM, it turns off Bletooth, data connection and silents the phone until 6AM (when it also turn on wanted functions). It allows only family calls. Or you can set the phone silent when you come to a bank for example (location restriction). My question is: does anybody know such an app for this automated stuff? I was looking for apps called "*profile*" on Android, but none of what I tried met my expectations.
  8. Indeed @Craig, you are a good observer! Andyou are right. Well lets say there is one guy at this forum, who ordered qwertz and going to use qwerty layout. But this means at least one guy. Whether one is not at the forum does not mean there is noone else outside. And I can understand it. 99.9% people will use qwertz cz layout. But more experienced users (eg coders etc) are using qwerty cz layout. Its easier to use for code and they still have the advantage of our language specific characters when actualy not coding, but having fun for example. The fact why they would order a physical qwertz instead of shifted qwerty is their choice. And its understandable. So I am very gratefull for @silversolver's words. I am also very happy that we have such a modest finnish guy between us. I have to say that I like finnish nationality exactly because of this kindness. And I would reccomend all of you, who are interrested - follow me and donate him a beer or more, because he is definitely not going to ask for it himself. I am 100% sure. :)
  9. Thank you very much. Going to pay you a beer :) E: done, just dont know how the Karhu price changed since this summer
  10. Well brodit is really good. Have it in several cars and have nothing to complain about. Just was sad few times, that the E7 cannot be opened in the holder. Unfortunately this is not possible, but also not that necessary. I think I will try a "brodit" 3d print, cause I love the in car installation system and the way of easy transportability to another car/phone etc. Edit: first of all I will try how that works with universal brodit holder, charger included. Have that here. Then we will see.
  11. I see, I see. Well, I am more than fine just with QWERTZ-QWERTZ variant, but I ve seen that @cube48 has physical QWERTY device,and not sure what physical keyboard @CornholioGSM has. So if I can speak just for myself, then I would appreciate Czech QWERTZ for physical QWERTZ πŸ™‚ Thanks for other symbol clarification. Yes, indeed, I agree with leaving printed symbols when they are, but the idea of [ ] at F+G sounds good to me. Then I would wait for other improvements when we can try it on the phone.
  12. Well, lets focus on this πŸ™‚ Looks good, just few improvements would be great if I can ask you for them. I think that both QWERTZ and QWERTY would be nice, but mostly QWERTZ will be used as the national keyboard is also QWERTZ. Definitely would be gr8 to change "[" and "]" positions from "i+o" to "f+g" keys, where it is usuallly placed in CZE. (sorry, now I realised thet these keys respects a german printout, so would be more reliable to leave it as it is.). Hmm.. Where the "1/2" symbol at "h" key did come up? Did you find it at some czech layout or does it comes from german? I am sure @CornholioGSM and @cube48 would help to resolve this out. Guys? would you please look at the layout and share your opinion? Here is the final printout for german QWERTZ to compare with. IMHO @Anssi HannulaΒ΄s (Kiitos paljon!!) changes will be all right. Another improvements can be discussed when we try the phone. Maybe something will be odd and few perfections will be needed same as @EskeRahn had to figure out. Thanks everybody in advance.
  13. Wow that was fast! Will check that later, not enough time to check it calmly. Thanks anyway!
  14. Woow, pretty close! Qwertz, czech republic and #12*** here, since a paymant issue occurs... I also didn't have the account and order connected, but then I had to cancel first order and make a new one (B2B issue), so now its over #30.000 😞
  15. Definitely good Idea. I wanted to do that later, but.. There is indeed nothing to wait for. Thanks for a hint, Eske! Well.. I was very suprised when I found out that a czech layout has been done! Thats a miracle! And great preparation for the next step-qwertz variant. I dont know what persuades him to make this layout, but I am very happy and thankfull for that :)
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