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  1. I would like to offer my QWERTZ F(x)tec PRO1 with two spare displays, genuine box, unused screen foil and genuine pouch (upgraded). You can find it on e-bay: https://www.ebay.de/itm/115834591794 *** SOLD ***
  2. Don´t know how you feel the situation, but my opinion is clear: Since there is again complete silence from the team. I have no response to my e mail 2 weeks ago, there is no update at indiegogo.... I guess there is a new obstacle in production.. Or anyone knows more? Please tell me that I am wrong.
  3. Thanks to mention it, but I am sure I will be the last one in the row 😄 😄 I´ve lost my hope..
  4. If you think about the very best scenario and they really would make some phones next week.. How many of backers would be served? Just remember batch 0, batch 1, batch 2, 3.. Don´t remember how many of them they were at PRO1, but I am 100% sure it wasnt enough 😄 😄 Never. Not only in the first batches. Never 😄 So now fall back from sky to ground. Is it known, if all of backers should have been served within this production? Or only first 10, 15.. 50? If it is written somewhere then I am sorry for the question, I am not a backer, I am just awaiting my screwed warranty repair, so I am curious..
  5. I already tried two times with these deadlines. Stay calm, nothing will happen. But once you wanna to bring all cases together, we can try our common power. I don´t know if it helps, but community has much more power, than each of us alone.
  6. Yeah, exactly. I think exactly the same. Thanks god my phone was picked up on their own, so they also have the tracking. Anyway, thats nothing to solve the situation now, we both are without our phones and both hitting our heads towards the wall, why we didn´t ordered the screen on our own 😕
  7. Did you arranged FX-TEC pickup of the phone or did you sent it on your own? EXACTLY!!!! Not counting on returning the phone.. Same do I 😞 I am very very sad about that. They got our money more than a year before the real shipment and now i can´t use the phone for another year. That was not a good investment 😞 The most frustrating is fact you cannot do literally anything to protect yourself. Any offence it just nonsence 😞
  8. Welcome on a similar boat.. Luckily sou know your phone is there. Team told me they don´t know where is mine.
  9. My experience is very bad. You can check my long story here: In two weeks it will be ONE YEAR since I started my communication with support team. Since that time I still have the same case number. Long story short: they repaired my screen, but when assembled, camera went wrong, so after obtaining my "repaired" phone I had to send it back again. So now I am without my phone since 23.07.2021. No contact, no respond, no money.. nothing. I am frustrated. Well, I thought it should be like this. But I can show you whole my conversation. Sometimes its a month, sometimes 45days..
  10. Lucky you. I still DO NOT HAVE any official reply since 15 October 2021. Tried to push it few days ago: confirmation " thanks for your message " arrived, it still has the same case number what was at the beginning (February 2021), but nothing more happens. No phone repair, no cash back, no communication.. no, no no, no - nothing.
  11. Hi guys. Does anybody have a clue, how to contact someone of the team directly? If yes, please send me a PM. I ve sent my phone for warranty back in April 2021 and still didn´get it back.. I am thinking what else can I do to get some informations out of their silence. It frustrates me really a lot.
  12. Swond

    Warranty return

    Don´t worry, I sent it there in April and still didn´t get it back.. I am sure this is a perfect advertisement of the company. Isn´t it, @Erik? I am curious, if we will celebrate one year anniversary.....
  13. 15. I sent another two messages this week - one as a reply to their e-mail message, second was a filled contact form with completely new e-mail address. Still have no reply since 15.10.2021.. I am without my phone: TOTAL: 230 days without my PRO1. Anyone has similar "World record"?
  14. 14. More than a month is gone again and I got a MESSAGE!! Even though I didn´t push them!! But the more unbelievable this mesage is, the more funny it is!! I have been told, that the camera is going to be ready (so again nobody knows when..) to be shipped and asking for my address, so I can replace it myself. Well, I would be happy to do so, BUT!! the phone is somewhare in London (perhaps?). So my opinion became this: The phone repair is taking soooooooo fu***ng long, that they even forgot about the phone 😄 😄 Isn´t it sarcastic? 😄 Message arrived on 15.10.2021, last contact 10.09.2021 = diff.
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