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  1. Cannot find the thread where was discussed how to lock the bootloader.. Can anyone give me a hint please?
  2. Sorry for bad picture quality, but I am sure it is enough for illustration. I made the pouch my way as I am used to use it for ages. It is a simple improvement of the original pouch. Added strip helps pulling of the phone out and also secures it when it is inside ;-) Easy, comfy, cheap.. PERFECT. Can sell you my know how for 3€ :-D :-D :-D :-D
  3. To sum up the situation of B2B customs: (but at first!! The phone is just awesome and absolutely worth waiting!!!!) We got papers to sign from FedEx, which were commercial invoice, power of attorney given to FedEx for representation at our local customs (Czech Rep.) and a form to establish an EORI number. Since we made the EORI, sign everything needed and sent back, it took one day for them to process everything also with some contacting of FxTec team, because this case is somehow unusual a bit. The next day tracking said "consingment retrieved from customs into final delivery". It was in the morning, so whoe day to transport it back to FedEx (500metres) and next day (today) it was delivered cca 10AM (140km). Nothing additional has been paid at the moment. So in conclusion it took a week all together. I guess next deliveries would be even faster, when they already know the situation. Thanks everybody for help!
  4. @Val Thank you for your support. It looks pretty similar in our case. Just it seems, that yesterday the phone was released for delivery. Lets see. With the invoice, I am going to do it the same way as you did. I am curious, what FedEx will ask for when it arrives.
  5. @agent008 pufff.. 280€? wow, that is not very friendly amount for you.. I don´t even wanna know, how less it would be back in February or so on.. Congrats for success!! 🙂
  6. Sure, we will! It is interresting you didnt obtain any documents. I can say it has arrived immediately after the tracking info came. Local FedEx sent me an invoice to check and confirm, power of attorney to represent myself during the customs process and few questions e.g. what the object in the package is, who is the producer, what are my initials and company identification etc.
  7. @N-Mi Thanks for your info. In conclusion we made it the same way, I just made the EORI number on top of that. Its free of charge, so why not. And sign all documents with info of DDP same as you. Now the status changed also to "delivering" without any other specification. Lets see. Looking forward to any info either from FedEx, either from you.
  8. Soooooo.. How many of you have the phone bought for company? As B2B? I mean those from last shipped batch. Our phones for CZE are stuck in Prague airport for customs clearance. It seems, that DDP is a problem in this case, because the product has been shipped from out of the EU. @CornholioGSM has been told, that the correct way was to transfer the batch into GB, all customs should be cleared there (those customs for EU) and then it can be sent into other EU countries as B2B. Problem within this case is VAT. FxTEC correctly sent those units VAT excluded, but from HK, not from GB like it usually should have been done - already with cleared customs. VAT excluded is applicable (and obligatory) only within EU. Tracking info tells "Customs clearance delay - Customs clearance instructions are required from the importer".. Another thing is that we had to make international registration number EORI to finish the customs. Eventhough we don´t need it obviously - it is mainly for international trade only.. Waiting is killing me 😄 EDIT: Is there anyone from actual batch buying the phone B2B and had/have problems? Or is there anyone, who had not?
  9. Same for CZE - stuck in France. Our delivery is planned tommorow, so lets see. I quess they have to split one bigger batch into smaller ones there.
  10. Yes, exactly. Tracking info arrived by the fall of last week.
  11. That sucks 😞 Hope you will get new one as exchange asap. By the way, what is your S/N?
  12. Thank you @Erik. Will call there on Monday and will see.
  13. They want customs fee. I should not pay VAT at this point, cause my order is B2B. VAT will be processed at our company afterwards.
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