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  1. Hi guys. Does anybody have a clue, how to contact someone of the team directly? If yes, please send me a PM. I ve sent my phone for warranty back in April 2021 and still didn´get it back.. I am thinking what else can I do to get some informations out of their silence. It frustrates me really a lot.
  2. Swond

    Warranty return

    Don´t worry, I sent it there in April and still didn´t get it back.. I am sure this is a perfect advertisement of the company. Isn´t it, @Erik? I am curious, if we will celebrate one year anniversary.....
  3. 15. I sent another two messages this week - one as a reply to their e-mail message, second was a filled contact form with completely new e-mail address. Still have no reply since 15.10.2021.. I am without my phone: TOTAL: 230 days without my PRO1. Anyone has similar "World record"?
  4. 14. More than a month is gone again and I got a MESSAGE!! Even though I didn´t push them!! But the more unbelievable this mesage is, the more funny it is!! I have been told, that the camera is going to be ready (so again nobody knows when..) to be shipped and asking for my address, so I can replace it myself. Well, I would be happy to do so, BUT!! the phone is somewhare in London (perhaps?). So my opinion became this: The phone repair is taking soooooooo fu***ng long, that they even forgot about the phone 😄 😄 Isn´t it sarcastic? 😄 Message arrived on 15.10.2021, last contact 10.09.2021 = diff.
  5. Hi guys, 13. So another three weeks are over and I got no response at all. It is 04/10/21 today, I sent another question whats happening with my phone. Last contact was on 10/09/21, I was assured that it will be fast.. Lets see "the progress". Everyone here knows what will "happen".
  6. I do not know if @EskeRahn made some push or @Erik read this thread, when @Rob. S. tagged him, but with some magic help after several weeks of silence Support team amazingly replied me that evening. Unfortunately just announcement, that they apology and I have to wait. So in conclusion: first contact: 22.2.2021 pictures of corners and whole phone wanted, sent 23.2.2021 then I needed the phone very much, so i somehow made it even with the ghost touchy display.. On 9.4.2021 the phone was sent on my own costs. several e-mails about when it will be, in total 6 outgoing mes
  7. Unfortunately.. I am on the same boat. I had a broken touchscreen (not responsible in one wide row), so I sent it to repair back in May. It took 60 days to get the phone back. AND THEN!! I found out that camera is not focusing! Due to service disassembly and reassembly, it was not adjusted correctly.. So after two months without my phone, I sent it back again. This was on 21.July. FxTEC arranged their own pickup, but this was the last time I have heard about my phone. Since that absolute silence.. I sent an e-mail twice (took care that each message is sent from different address to avoid movin
  8. Is there aby way, how to try SFOS virtually? Without installing on the phone?
  9. Is there anything new for unrooted phone? Any solution for sticky modifiers?
  10. System actualisation should be actualisation of Android itself, not the process of FX - auto sync. Sorry, My bad. But the point you wrote is correct. The FX Service auto sync has turned on the communication, then Android system update comes up on the scene and the cpu usage grows rapidly, what ends up by spurious keypresses. And I am talking about Android update (this is better to call it, than a system actualisation) because in the settings there is set : "check for updates: only once" I was quite curious, why there is still apearing the notification "checking android updates" several ti
  11. Hello after some quiet time. Since last time I have cleaned space of the update app, I got spurios long presses again. Not that often, but I did. At last I probably found out, what is the problem. Ive been using the Fx Service app and had set the automatic sync within specifiaed intervals. Seems, like that made the mess. Since I turned off this service, everything is OK and no spurious long presses any longer. Probably it was affected by system actualisation too, but that was the second thing on the list. In my opinion it is caused by Fx service autoupdate, what turns on the update service and
  12. Thank you all!! Clearing storage and cache helped. Now the settings appear again. I can remember that it was there at the beginning when I started up my Pro 4 the first time. Eske: as you can see, now the settings appear eventhough the Czech language was still in place. Translation of this settings page is also limited, but still it (at least) shows up 🙂 Thank you guys! Now lets see, whether the spurious press will be over or not. I can say it is ok for now.
  13. When I ťap settings, IT freezes as captured.
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