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  1. Is there aby way, how to try SFOS virtually? Without installing on the phone?
  2. Is there anything new for unrooted phone? Any solution for sticky modifiers?
  3. System actualisation should be actualisation of Android itself, not the process of FX - auto sync. Sorry, My bad. But the point you wrote is correct. The FX Service auto sync has turned on the communication, then Android system update comes up on the scene and the cpu usage grows rapidly, what ends up by spurious keypresses. And I am talking about Android update (this is better to call it, than a system actualisation) because in the settings there is set : "check for updates: only once" I was quite curious, why there is still apearing the notification "checking android updates" several ti
  4. Hello after some quiet time. Since last time I have cleaned space of the update app, I got spurios long presses again. Not that often, but I did. At last I probably found out, what is the problem. Ive been using the Fx Service app and had set the automatic sync within specifiaed intervals. Seems, like that made the mess. Since I turned off this service, everything is OK and no spurious long presses any longer. Probably it was affected by system actualisation too, but that was the second thing on the list. In my opinion it is caused by Fx service autoupdate, what turns on the update service and
  5. Thank you all!! Clearing storage and cache helped. Now the settings appear again. I can remember that it was there at the beginning when I started up my Pro 4 the first time. Eske: as you can see, now the settings appear eventhough the Czech language was still in place. Translation of this settings page is also limited, but still it (at least) shows up 🙂 Thank you guys! Now lets see, whether the spurious press will be over or not. I can say it is ok for now.
  6. When I ťap settings, IT freezes as captured.
  7. .... and caannot enter the actualisation settings. It just freeze at a white page. Does anyone has it the same?
  8. I jjjjjjjjuussst findddd, thaaat always the issue comes out, my system notification shows "system: checking for new updates". Well, dont know why, but it appears very oftttttttten. eg. 10x per minute..
  9. Hi, dear users. I am also affected with multiple key-strokes. I am sure that I am not running any heavy app and it just spontaneously appears in several places.
  10. Yes, the bookmark manager would be little more extensive, but on the other hand I like its adaptations for Pro1 :-))
  11. Cannot find the thread where was discussed how to lock the bootloader.. Can anyone give me a hint please?
  12. Sorry for bad picture quality, but I am sure it is enough for illustration. I made the pouch my way as I am used to use it for ages. It is a simple improvement of the original pouch. Added strip helps pulling of the phone out and also secures it when it is inside ;-) Easy, comfy, cheap.. PERFECT. Can sell you my know how for 3€ :-D :-D :-D :-D
  13. To sum up the situation of B2B customs: (but at first!! The phone is just awesome and absolutely worth waiting!!!!) We got papers to sign from FedEx, which were commercial invoice, power of attorney given to FedEx for representation at our local customs (Czech Rep.) and a form to establish an EORI number. Since we made the EORI, sign everything needed and sent back, it took one day for them to process everything also with some contacting of FxTec team, because this case is somehow unusual a bit. The next day tracking said "consingment retrieved from customs into final delivery". It w
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