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  1. Slion, You are right. I concur. Let's support this team as they take on the world during an unprecedented world crisis. Luke
  2. "Advertising and honest" - I live in a world where I own my own software company (electronic health records), I have three grown daughters with families, and I've never met a cellphone company that advertised what they cannot deliver. The world is full of those who lie, but my standards are higher than that, and people who work for a company have a responsibility to enhance, not diminish its reputation. This is what we do in the United States. I was excited to see the Pro1 vision coming from Great Britain, the mother country of the U.S.! I have long wanted to see this wonderful country. U
  3. Bob, I don't actually have the Cosmo. However, I need a phone with a keyboard to document medication information when frontline health providers provide services while in the community. While I appreciate the challenges of COVID-19, it causes me to lose trust in a company that continues to advertise false information (e.g. delivery in 4-6 weeks). What else do they say that is not true? I'm have empathy for everyone that continues to wait on their Pro1 order. However, it also frustrates me when I read that some have received their Pro1 phones who ordered in February 2020 and
  4. My order still says "Processing." I ordered the Pro1 December 4, 2019. I can appreciate the COVID-19 challenge for FxTec, but they continue to advertise a timely response for people who order the phone today. This is simply not true. For the past 4 weeks, I've received emails from FxTec telling me that they will be getting out their orders next week. I'm thinking that because it is almost Friday, I'm likely to get the same message again. I wonder what the support is like if your Pro1 has problems? I'm not having good feelings here. Dr. Luke Queen I
  5. Being that I ordered the Pro1 December 4, 2019, and I still have not received it, I will look closely at the development of this new keyboard prototype. While I can appreciate the challenges of COVID-19, FxTec continues to advertise on their website timely deliveries to people that order the Pro1. This is simply not true and a set up for people who order the Pro1. I had hoped to beta test the Pro1 for software medication administration. I paid for the device at the time of purchase at December. I'm still waiting for delivery. Very frustrated, Luke Queen
  6. F(x)tec Team: I remain hopeful that the Pro1 will make it. It is very important to me that it does, especially with the demise of the Blackberry QWERTY cellphone keyboards that will occur this coming October 2020. I have learned that if you are a visionary, it is often a lonely place. It is a curse when you are the only one in the room that sees what you envision. In my case, my friends and co-workers laughed at me in 1989 when I created an electronic health record database software system (today known as Ezpro - https://ezprosystem.com/?page_id=74, https://ezprosystem.com/?page_id=6
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