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  1. Hi, I received my phone on Tuesday. Currently I'm facing following issues with phone calls: 1) When I call someone, or someone calls me there is a silent moment of 30 sec before it starts ringing. Sometimes the call aborts before it starts ringing. - Even when having full cell phone reception. 2) It seems like the sensor that checks if the mobile is placed next to the ear is not working properly. I had no call, where I haven't pressed the mute button. Pressing the mute button or other buttons even happens if the screen is black. BR Robert
  2. That's not true :) I Ordered a Pro1 when it was completely new and canceled my order as it was delayed for more than 6 months already. (year or two ago) I got my full refund - Thank you FxTec! You are realy a great company and trustful, but please work on your communication skills! Now I saw a new RAM upgraded version for an realy attractive price and I thought, now I'll wait, no mather how long it will take. But I must say, I'm realy thinking of askung for refund, because the missing hardwase-security features are really painfull for me. Especially because my daily business is
  3. Yes I see your point, but ... check the voting... No one want's a 662... People are even ready to wait longer until they order get's finalized with a Chip that is well supported by the comunity and provides all promissed features. If the Snapdragon order has been messed up, downgrading is not an option in my point of view. They should go the next step in their developement process.
  4. Is there anyone from the Fxtec team willing to answer this question? For me not having a secure mobile wallet makes no sense to buy a new mobile phone. In other words: I will ask for refund if the only choise will be the 662 Snapdragon.
  5. For example the Trust Zone feature is very important for mobile wallets. (Hardware Encrypted Storage) Or the NX Bit segregates areas of memory for use by either storage of processor instructions, which also rises the Security. Not getting acceleration for AES is sad, but as you said it can be handled by using CPU power which will drain the battery faster.
  6. If the new SoC would be significantly better (Benchmark + Features) than the one we purchased, I would be ready to pay the difference for the SoC. But I don't support losing important security features.
  7. This is a Keyboard phone that will be mostly used to connect to command lines and missing features like: NX bit, AES, TrustZone (- Mobile Wallet !must have today!) are not aceptable! Also dynamic frequency scaling would probbably save more Battery lifetime than just lowering the frequency. I would either wait for a redesign (+9 Months) for a CPU that supports this features or ask for refund. This CPU choise is not acceptable, even not with a better cam!
  8. Any estimation when the status changes from Processing to something else for Order #473xx
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