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  1. Does unrooting it wipe everything or will all of my apps and data still be there? Because if it's the former I just don't have the energy.
  2. Well I don't have that boot image nor do I know where to get it so I guess I'll just never update. Problem solved.
  3. So what you're saying is I need to unroot my phone? What nonsense. Are there any third party apps that can force it to install?
  4. When I call VM to setup VVM as instructed after enabling it in the built in phone app there's no option anywhere in the VM directory to do this. I have confirmed with my carrier, Ting, that VVM is enabled on the account and my previous GSM Android phone worked fine with VVM. The phone is rooted but I don't see why that would have anything to do with it.
  5. I'm unable to install updates on my phone. When it fails it just says "Install fail. Reason: 20" I rooted it via Magisk with the intent of using AdAway and Greenify. I have heard that AdAway's modification of the hosts file can cause update issues but even after rolling back to the default I can't install the update.
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