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  1. I'm also facing this issue, it started after I re-flashed my Pro1 to LOS 18.1. Sometimes the charging works just fine for about 1-2 weeks, but sometimes it happens daily basis. I don't have a clue what triggers this bug and I haven't found any other solution than reboot the phone. After the reboot the phone begins to charge immediately. At the moment I've LOS18.1, with the most recent update installed.
  2. Wait, do you mean you've somehow detached the keycap sticker of Pro1's keyboard and maybe change the location?
  3. Yes, me too. I've been considering of buying F(X)tec Pro1 but I really like to know if there's a scandic (or Finnish / Swedish) layout coming or not. If yes: then I'll wait for it, if no: then I most likely will order Pro1 with QWERTZ layout.
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