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  1. Just got it in the mail last week. The shipping box was sealed but the Pro1 box was not sealed when i received it. I did hit the power button and it did power up and ask me to select a language. I did nothing I just powered it back off. If your interested let me know. thanks Jason to be clear I have not used it all all other then tuning it on and then right back off when I saw it powered on. I can take payment through Paypal and venmo. Any questions let me know. my email is [email protected]
  2. My pro 1 stopped sending SMS last week. I sent several days working with Verizon Tec support who I have say was really great. Each time we did not get it figured out they elevated me to more knowledgeable higher skilled technicians. I finally got to a women who immediately knew why the pro 1s did not send SMS. (She gave me a lot of information that I did not understand but I can give you the basic). She said Verizon pushed out a up date to their system. That up date changed the language that their network uses to send and receive messages to mobile phones. So when a pro 1 sends a SMS the
  3. @goodman_j I would like to buy 2 or 3 of your cases. Please let me know how much you would like per case and how I can send you $. Thanks jason
  4. my pro 1 keeps randomly restarting anyone know how to get that to stop?
  5. Everlast I can tell you I am the person who won the eBay phone that was selling for $849. So first I have to say thank you for this post because I wouldn't have looked on eBay for it unless I saw this post. But for me paying $859 made sense for a few reasons first I have one on order but don't know when I will get it because of the issues in China. My Priv witch I love battery is almost dead. (The battery life dropped 17 percent in the time it took me to type this). But for me the $ 859 I paid is a reasonable price for this phone. Truthfully my max bid was $1100. And I would
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