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  1. I got rid of my pro 1 and I have some stuff left. - one spare display, probably this one, got it from the guy it bought it from. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32952316407.html - one pouch, originally packed https://www.ebay.de/itm/Forcell-Deko-Etui-für-HUAWEI-Schutzhülle-Handytasche-Case-Klett-Zugband/232712429540?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=532331998553&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 - one bumper shell, I cut away some of the edges to make it fit better. Looks similar to this Shorted ebay link If you want something PM me and we work it out. I would prefer so
  2. Because the fits of most "shell" cases were not as good as I want (mostly the display part laying on the edges so it does not fully close), I tried some "sleeve" cases and wanted to share the Info with you. WARING: I think the Pro 1 is very slippery so getting it out of the sleeves is a bit fiddly and it might slip out of your hands! Case #1: +Tight fit on the beginning. It get wider after some days. +Has a belt loop for those who are in to this style of carrying it around. - Could be a little bit deeper, so the corner protection is better in case of a drop. - Pul
  3. Ok, so I have to do all the two dozens of "fastboot flash" commands from the first post? Iwas just curious if there is a "one command way".
  4. Quick question. Is this a way back to stock or do I have to flash all the files via fastboot?
  5. Thank you, this will help! Thank you. Am I guessing right, that I have to flash back to the Stock rom to get this tool set?
  6. Thank you for the fast answers. Yes, does not fix it. No, i disabled that in the settings. Aaaah good to know. I was able to trigger the orientation with a whiteboard magnet just for testing. But with another magnet I can't trigger it reliably. Additional info: I am still not sure if is related to gravity or software/orientation detection. Maybe the magnet is loose an "sinking down" which weakens the magnetic field. Because in a fixed portrait orientation it does not flip. Usually it flips after sometime when laying flat. And sometimes it flips portrait to landsc
  7. Hello Folks, I hope you can help me because the original manufacturer manual was missing in my package 😉 I witnessed a strange thing with the screen orientation in my Pro1, from around December 2019, bought second hand. It is running LOS. I set the screen orientation to non automatic. So I want it in portrait when it is closed and only switch to landscape when it is open. This mostly works fine. But sometimes when the phone is closed and the screen is off and I lay it flat on a table it turns it self in to landscape mode. And it won't turn back to portait orientati
  8. Hello, I installed Lineage OS and I am curious if the "single hand mode" is available in this ROM, because I can not find any option. And the swiping does not work. Info: I am coming from a 4" device and want to take a look in to this feature....The screen is so big 🙂
  9. What is a realistic delivery time from order to shipping under the current conditions?
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