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  1. The bottom portion here worked for me: https://gitlab.com/ubports/porting/community-ports/android11/fxtec-pro1x/fxtec-pro1x I even flashed all the files from the most recent build copy/pasting the codeblocks, though I do have issues with WiFi starting up not mentioned by anyone else.
  2. I got lucky enough with a Super Early Bird 256GB with standard QWERTY in NE US. I have confirmation as of yesterday that I'm part of Batch 1 and should look for an email in the coming days and to keep an eye on that spam folder, but no emails yet.
  3. @lgt.kevin Where's a good place to message you to get things going?
  4. I'm interested in buying this! I'm on the East Coast, and as long as shipping isn't insane! Are the box and all that stuff included?
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