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  1. Should have stayed on LOS17....Storage Access Framework/Scoped Storage is a pain Edit: Everything else works as expected though, so there's that I guess.
  2. The researchers specifically mention MSM8998 which is the Snapdragon 835. https://research.checkpoint.com/2021/security-probe-of-qualcomm-msm/
  3. Yeah, no way to OEM unlock these phones. IIRC there was temp root at one point, but it got patched out pretty quickly. Haven't looked into development for these phones in a long time.
  4. https://www.catphones.com/en-au/cat-s60-smartphone/ I had a CAT S60 few years ago, a fairly typical ruggedised phone with mid-range spec, but with a FLIR thermal "Predator vision" camera and hardware navigation bar buttons! It was a colossal brick of a phone. but the thermal camera was very useful for work and around the house....considering getting an addon FLIR camera for my Pro1. Would probably be rocking an S62 Pro if the Pro1 didn't exist.
  5. A late update with my device suffering this issue...I fixed it after tightening a loose screw. I dissembled my phone looking for any loose connectors, specifically the flex cable to the USB sub board, but the screw circled in red was loose with maybe 1mm of movement between the screwhead and PCB. (thanks to @gelraen.ua for the photo, I forgot to take photos haha) The FCC teardown photo below shows some contacts on the underside of this PCB. So my theory - without knowledge of the schematics or circuit diagrams - is that a lack of contact against the metal midframe caused the Hal
  6. My apologies, I think that functionality existed in Nova running on Android 9 (LOS 16) but something messed it up in Android 10 (LOS 17). No spontaneous reboots here and I did not wipe my phone either. It's been up for over 42 hours since the last (user initiated) reboot.
  7. You can get the app drawer button back in Nova, I certainly have it. You'll need to add the button back as a widget: Long press an empty spot on the home screen Tap on widgets Tap and drag the Nova action shortcut (should be the first one) into the dock or where ever you want it Then tap on App drawer in the Nova Action menu
  8. I installed Magisk through the Custom Recovery method for root, find instructions here: https://topjohnwu.github.io/Magisk/install.html
  9. Just upgraded from 16.0 to 17.0 with no issues or data loss. Installed Magisk to gain root as well, no problems there either.
  10. I wonder if we could get retrofit kits for the original Pro1, it would be great.
  11. Sorry, I meant the setting you referred to in your original post, but turn it on: System -> Languages & input -> Physical keyboard -> Show virtual keyboard = ON
  12. I'm experiencing a similar issue with my phone, which I'm pretty sure is a hardware issue and have been using a rotation control app as a workaround: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.crape.rotationcontrol You will need to set it to use guard mode to fully override the keyboard sensor then enable the show virtual kb setting while in portrait mode. My guess is that the Hall Effect sensor is on the same board as the USB-C port (seen here under the camera modules): https://twitter.com/chenliangchen/status/1176365898036391936/photo/2 See this thread for more info on
  13. That's a good point, I suppose demand for this feature is low. I was more wondering if there was something existing in LOS. Coincidentally, I just sat down to test some apps and found that Rotation Control by CrapeMyrtle worked, but I have to set it to use "guard mode". This will work until I get my phone warrantied. EDIT: Seems to cause increased display latency when active. Thanks to everyone who responded with suggestions and information.
  14. No settings in LOS as far as I can see unfortunately. Have tried various permutations of rotation options in the app to no avail. Might reach out to @tdm to see if he has any ideas.
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