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  1. After I contacted the support they wanted me to send some photos of the display. I did that 20 days ago but I received no reply since then...
  2. Thanks for your answers. I just contacted the support. I received my phone last year in August, so they should agree. Hopefully, the replacement of the screen won't take to long.
  3. Hey guys, unfortunately I am facing the ghost touching issues since two days making usage of the phone almost impossible. So I will contact the fxtec support. Does anybody know how to figure out if I still got warranty? I'm not sure if I have 1 or 2 years. There is no information on that on the invoice or in my account...
  4. Chris2


    Thanks for the answer. It's good to know that you won't need the invoice when using their warranty service. However, I would feel better having an invoice. So you received a PDF via e-mail?
  5. Chris2


    Hey guys, I received my Pro1 last year and, although I paid for it, I never received some kind of official invoice. There was only this order overview in the online account. No invoice in the package, neither I got an e-mail with an invoice. Did you receive an official invoice or do you know where to find it? I am asking because I think an invoice could be useful, e.g. concerning warranty questions.. Thanks in advance, Chris
  6. Thank you very much. Now it works. Homescreen grid is possible up to 6x6 in LOS 17.1 But I am talking about the all apps overview menu. In LOS 16 this was in line with the homescreen grid. Now it is just 4x6.
  7. Hey guys, I have some questions regarding lineage 17.1. Finally, today I managed to upgrade my pro1 to 17.1 from 16. But now, I have some problems that I noticed in the first few minutes. First of all the keyboard isn't working the way it should. I have the QWERTZ layout pro1 (for German). In lineage 16 all keys did what they were said to do. I didn't even need to use FinQwerty. But now, all the characters are shifted by one column. So I installed FinQwerty. Here most of the characters work except for the yellow marked characters on the letters as well as "?". Instead of the "?",
  8. Just installed LineageOS and FinQwerty. I chose Pro1 German for QWERTZ. However, I am not able to use the yellow characters like ? or @. Seems to me that the small yellow arrow keys don't work at all. Somebody knows how to fix that?
  9. Thank you for the answers. They helped me to fix the problem. Now LineageOS works fine. :)
  10. Unfortunately, holding volume-down + power also only results in the boot animation.
  11. I did it before but actually I am not able to boot into recovery any more. Neither by means of the windows command prompt (it says no devices found) nor by pressing Volume Up + Power (it just restarts and the lineageOS boot animation appears). Is there another way to boot into recovery?
  12. Hello guys, I installed lineageOS on my pro1 following the instructions on LineageOS wiki. After rebooting the display only showed the lineageOS boot animation. I left the device like this for almost an hour but nothing else happened. Unfortunately, after rebooting (even with Volume Up + Power pressed) the same happens (always only lineageOS boot animation). Somebody knows how to make LineageOS work or just how to restore the device? Thanks in advance!
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