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  1. I wonder if it's possible to make a keyboard shortcut in my Pro1 in LineageOS. I want to make a shortcut that allow me to "pre-fill" some input text field. Per example, if I have to enter my e-mail address on app, pressing simultaneously Fx + ** key and it will fill it up for me.??
  2. Yes I turn on this feature. It's good but if I can setup the "long press" can be great, so be able to decide the long the press is (between 100ms to ***ms).. Cornholio notice that the LED can heat up and he's right. The app used on my Samsung, super bright LED, have a protection that if I using it for too long time, shut the phone for protection. Was just curious if super bright LED exist for the Pro1
  3. This app works great. But curious to see if there's an app to open the lamp in full bright...
  4. Yess.. As I said, looking for quicker access (in the launcher). This is why it can be an app or a way to get a shortcut. And having an app able to dim the torch and/or putting is superbright mode will be awesome!
  5. On some of my previous phone, I found apps to turn on the back LED (lamp!) in super bright mode. Some of them give the option to dimm the light. And another question, how can I create a shortcut to turn on the light?
  6. Try this and there's a lot of things I don't understand... But this thread can be closed, buy a new SIM and work flawlessly..
  7. My SIM works only in the microSD card slot.. So how can I make my SIM work on the second when microSD card is in? Do I have to buy a new SIM??
  8. This thread can be closed, I received a new one and everything works as supposed.
  9. Yeah I noticed, but with no SIM on the phone can't go very far away. But when it do that, press the left circle and cancel the call so nothing happen...
  10. I received a new one today and I can confirm, it was the keyboard cause the new one all keys are working... Before swapping to LineageOs, I'll perform ALL the factory test!!! Everything work now.. I should to restart from scratch and cross fingers and toes, that everything will still working at the end!!!
  11. This is my suggestion, like my old Samsung Relay... https://drive.google.com/file/d/13Ana1Qlxyfm1NtVNbyXWPbe1jq3KJHyk/view?usp=sharing And if you want, have a choice of color, for the Relay we still have choices; https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hard-Cover-Phone-Case-for-Samsung-Galaxy-S-Relay-4G-T699-SGH-T699-Blaze-Q/390644533829?hash=item5af43a8a45:g:szQAAOxyaTxTQInS I'm sure there's a way to manufacture something like this...
  12. Or hang myself could be a final solution!!! I'm so pissed these days...
  13. Finally got an answer 48 hours later. Stay tuned and will see what's happen next.. Slion, wow, 2 broken devices... 2020 is the baddest year if my life.. My health isn't very good + everything (COVID) and now, the phone! That is for my wife, supposed to give my phone to celebrate your wedding anniversary... It was a surprise when she saw it, she was very happy, but now have to return it, her face touch the ground along with her tears...
  14. Right but also a good way to stay small. Still no answer..
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