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  1. I think it's all antennae and movment. Stand still with it and GPS will eventually pick up. Move and it goes all over the show. Same with Bluetooth, same with Wifi, same with mobile phone signal. Bluetooth is the most annoying as running with it is near impossible unless I want it to keep cutting out every few seconds. Please do report toi FXTec. The response today to me chasing up is that they are investigating but IU've asked for an ETA and if there are logs or things I can do to help them.
  2. Pro1X, thanks for confirming. I just assumed that all USB C Android phones did these days.
  3. I know, another day another problem with my pgone. Hdmi out does not work for me - I plug my adaptor into my Macbook and it is fine and displays, plug it into this phone and nothing. Tried a reboot and no good. Anyone else have this problem?
  4. Tried a factory reset. Contacted Fxtec a month ago and still no response. Emailed again 2 days ago asking for help or a refund as it turns out my phone isn't even connected to the phone network - when my wife calls it just says the phone is not connected. I realise that this isn't related to GPS but combined with my network and Bluetooth problems I suspect something is faulty. Only response has been "we are aware of some connection issues" which is no good to me if I can't use a phone I paid a small fortune for and waited years to get. As I said earlier I tried a facto
  5. In Android Auto at one point I was getting "GPS Signal lost" every 20s or so. I've discovered that not only is my phone not receiving calls, it's not registering on the network so that attempts to call or text me fail. This is with a brand new SIM. Something is up and I need a fix or else I need a new phone.
  6. When I paired to my car's Bluetooth for Android Auto it keeps disconnecting and I get a message every 20seconds or so, it's most annoying. Tried a factory reset and if I remove the pairing the car re-connects Bluetooth Android Auto if I plug the phone in to charge.
  7. I wish, reset AGPS data and no joy - get "GPS Signal lost" on Android Auto every 20s and still no strong satellite signals when I use a GPS checker app
  8. Thanks. I did a factory reset a couple of days ago to lock the boot loader. Seeing as I have problems connecting to the mobile network and Bluetooth connection problems I suspect a faulty unit.
  9. Despite calibrating in Google maps my GPS signal is terrible. Location is 77 minutes or off date despite being in a field with good phone signal. I keep getting "GPS signal lost". When using Android Auto. It is now placing me a few miles away on the wrong side of the Thames! High accuracy is enabled in settings. Any other tips or is this combined with poor phone signal a sign I have a dud phone?
  10. I've a few Bluetooth headphones and each of them go very choppy (audio cuts out, track keeps playing) when I move. I've tried it with the case but it means if walking (let alone running) with my headphones on I lose a lot of audio. These headphones were fine with previous devices. Anyone else having this or have tips? It's not any case as I've tried it with and without a case and have the same issues. In general my phone is poor for connection - wifi is okay but cellular calls take 20s to connect outgoing and most incoming go straight to voicemail now.
  11. Interesting, thanks I hadn't realised that such a bug would be an Android wide problem. I was on Android 9 before this. It's crazy that such a major issue hasn't been fixed by Android yet. Did have me worried that I'd have to part with my new phone if I couldn't rely on it charging but it seems that others are also affected.
  12. Thank you. I've asked a friend to 3D print the files so I can replace the Snakehive liner, fingers crossed it'll work.
  13. *Pro1X obviously. Not sure why it changed it!
  14. My new Pro2X had a problem on that it doesn't always charge at night. Over the past four nights it failed to charge on two of them until i rebooted (and the second time in didn't spot until the morning when it has died). I used the supplied charger and other ones, tested with other phones which charged. Any advice?
  15. As others have noted, there is no official case for the Pro1 or Pro1X and that is a big problem for me. I bought the leather flipcase (for an Huwawei P20 Pro) from Snakehive but my Pro1X doesn't fit in to it snugly and keeps popping out. I was considering replacing the rubber holder with a 3D printed one that fits the Pro1 but am unsure if it'll fit the Pro1X. Anyone know if it will? Looking at the Thingiverse pics it should but I was hoping someone could confirm.
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