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  1. Thanks all for your thoughts and comments. My reading is that the Pro 1 is a pretty good phone but it's a first generation and has a few bugs in it. I think that as my Key2 is serving me well for now and I quite like the keyboard (though it could do with cursor keys, but that's a BlackBerry thing) I may hang on to it for now. But I will be keeping on eye on here for news and updates on the Pro1.
  2. I have a BlackBerry Key2 and it is doing me well enough, keyboard works fine, no problems. I mainly use it for note taking during interviews and emulator gaming up to Dolphin/Citra. I am tempted by the FXTec due to the improved processor and screen size. But I don't need it. Yes it's pricey but I could sell my Key2 or KeyOne and get some money towards it. Has anyone made the leap from a Key2 or general thoughts on upgrade worthiness?
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