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    On 3/16/2021 at 4:53 PM, DieBruine said:

    Two weeks ain't 💩. Don't worry about that. I forgot it the first time. That phone came back no problems.
    i am still waiting on my last phone. Delivered July 2020. RMA September 2020. 'Repaired' and shipped January 2021. Got sent back due to missing customs information or whatever. Lost in transit now... DPD doesn't know where it is and FxTex is silent for over a month now. A 'brand' new Pro1, but almost one year old.

    Again, two weeks are nothing. My first phone was sent in August 2020, got it back last week of January 2021.

    Just keep your hopes up. I still do.

    did you email them again  and again or just ignored it as if it was gone?

    Cuz they tell us if you email too soon they wont look at it only after X time.. 

    (only that story doesnt make sense, in the beginning they answered after 2 days, and now its silent for 3weeks...)

  2. On 3/3/2021 at 1:32 PM, DieBruine said:

    That  my friend looks like pressure damage. You can try, but I wouldn't keep my hopes up of getting a replacement screen under warranty. Too much pressure damages the crystals. Eventually the blue spot will turn black. 
    My suggestion would be to not complain about the screen. I don't believe FxTec will take the time to investigate a microphone and just replace the complete upper half, including the screen.

    Just my 2 cents.

    They said they wanted to replace it... then I send them my phone but it didnt contain a certain reference number..

    From to moment that I had send it, they ignored me fully. that is 2 weeks now.😔

    I don't know what to do with this...

  3. 27 minutes ago, Jacob_S said:

    And did you try the Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard? Because both @Rob. S. and me suggested that one to you now and I'm not sure if you actually tried it. At least on LineageOS 17.1 it works well apart from some minor bugs and annoyances, that you can read about in some other threads (also with some posts of me), if you're interested. But the features and settings you are asking for are all offered by that keyboard app. 

    i can select those keyboards for the onboard, not for the fysical, i can only choose languages there. 

    the only option that remains is for every word that the phone autocorrects, make an exact shortcut

    when i want 'wel' on my screen, the shortcut for it is 'wel'

    silly but i dont see other options 

  4. 4 hours ago, Jacob_S said:

    To my knowledge the keyboard software you choose in the settings for the onscreen keyboard then handles all the keyboard inputs, also the ones from the physical keyboard. So are you using the preinstalled keyboard software or some other?

    default built in keyboard, i can put auto correct off on the onscreen keyboard but not on the physical, i can change nothing on the default setting

  5. not on android lineage 

    12 minutes ago, Rob. S. said:

    You obviously can only have one keyboard layout at a time, which is what that language switch is for. But you can have multiple languages for autocorrection active at the same time, for example with Swiftkey. Which also works for the physical keyboard. 

    not with android 11 lineage.
    which OS are you running?

    13 minutes ago, Rob. S. said:

    Typing on it needs some getting used to, just as flipping open the screen, and gets quicker fast (my hands are also rather small). With the device sitting on the desk and not picking it up, I can also open it with one hand, too, now, after having it in use for a week now. 

    nice!  and one handed typing? 😛

    Do you also have problems with electromagnetic problems, so much noise on the line when you are around electronics (anywhere inside)

  6. you have to switch in between languages and you cant change the settings of those keyboards (like turn off auto correct)

    kinda rendering the phone useless to me 😄

    flipping it open also takes effort and requires two hands... so typing on the keyboard, that is too big (or my hands are too small), is not anymore faster then the onscreen. 

    there are also only a handfull of apps that turn 90 degrees, almost all dont turn, rendering the keyboard useless again.

    its a nice art piece 


  7. 2 hours ago, Jacob_S said:

    Which keyboard software are you using? SwiftKey for example does support suggestions in multiple languages. 

    it doesnt look like i can switch the physical keyboard. I can only switch the onscreen keyboard. And in that one, i got the spellingchecker to stop working

  8. On 5/30/2019 at 12:11 AM, dreamflasher said:

    I hope the software will support dual-language auto-correct (eg. German+English).


    On another note: The pre-order of the German keyboard layout was announced 4 weeks ago (that at this time the pre-order will be there) – what's the current status with that? I mean the Germany layout is coming, right? So would it hurt to offer that in the pre-order? What's the blocker?


    it doesn't 😞 you have to choose a language and that will be the language it changes into, no way to turn it off...
    maybe in android 9 but not in 11 i am checking how to fix it for over 2 hours, i am giving up

  9. Just now, EskeRahn said:

    Glad you got this right.

    I am sorry for dragging you into this...

    But we all felt they were giving us the run about... 2 times they add 3months delivery time.

    They knew they where not going to meet the first dates...

    Now all this thing about the CPU... It feels like they knew not everyone was going to get their phone in march.
    also no talk about an upgrade.

    The most positive I could say is that they are inexperienced...


  10. 7 minutes ago, EskeRahn said:

    I'm beginning to wonder who really are the crooks here with your lies.... Who are you working for - really?

    I work for myself.
    Okay, you insinuated that financial times might be tough for them.
    Also leaves the option that they have more than enough money. But that you don't know for sure.

    And ok scamming was probably not their intentional goal but sadly the unfortunate result is the same as if you were scammed.




  11. 3 minutes ago, lawliett said:

    If you bought through their website, ask for a refund, due to the change in shipping date. And if they refuse, file a chargeback. That's your right under consumer protection laws.

    As for whether they're crooks, that's impossible to determine unless you have evidence that they intentionally tried to mislead people. Otherwise, it's possible they were slow to update their site, problems with internal communication, etc. There's any number of reasons...

    I have ordered through the website.

    One of the moderators confessed they probably don't have any money left..

    (so most likely most of us got scammed)

    Where does the line of incompetence cross crook-territory, who knows

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  12. I think getting a refund before they file for bankruptcy is key now.

    The love for the keyboard is zo big, everyone is making excuses in the name of fxtec.

    I cant see any valid excuse. As a company owner you have to get your shit together. if oneplus' first phone was a shit show like this, they would never have survived.

    I know they won't respond for the refund for at least a month so... can someone link me to someone that can push it through?


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  13. Well, it is a company that bends the general rules in order to survive.

    A bit like the robin hood app.

    Everything is allowed when it concerns survival.


    And you are right Rob. There is nothing I can't do accept drag the ProTec1 name as much as possible.

  14. On 2/1/2021 at 5:13 PM, Hook said:

    Well, you are entitled to your opinion, and, no doubt, your frustration, but Fxtec are neither crooks nor "horrible people," as their history has proved.  Not great at communicating, yes.  But the phone is fantastic, you will get it (I'm guessing from the same factory run as the Spring 1Xs), and it won't matter that it doesn't have the most cutting edge specs.

    If you want to see if it can be changed to a 1X (which would just mean the blue casing as the only difference) or upgraded to the version with more memory , ask them via email. Can't hurt.


    Everything is possible in theory but i dont want to wait another year.

    "Can't hurt" It can add A LOT of time. How can you trust what they say. 

    Who can guarantee me that I will get my phone after ONLY 9 months?

     When Pro fx tex1 talkes about dates, 3/3 times (100% of the time), they haven't met their own deadlines.

  15. On 1/27/2021 at 8:06 PM, Ilya said:

    Hello, everyone. I'm not sure should I continue an existing topic or start this one.

    I would like to begin with saying that I'm really impressed and appreciate F(x)tec team efforts. When a small company is willing to do what the giants abandoned, it's worthy to respect. One should carefully read this forum before making a purchase, but then I thought I had no choice if I want a phone with a keyboard. So, I placed an order when my Blackberry finally died. Order page said (and still says) about 10-12 weeks shipping . 129 days later the order still had "processing" status. Unfortunately, I can't wait longer and I decided to cancel my order. Support answered that refund requests are processed within a week. 12 days passed - silence, order is still "processing".

    I want to know what should I do or at least what should I expect. Everyone can face difficulties (I'm sure there is huge virus impact), but mentioned timings are deceptive and this is not normal.

    Thanks in advance.

    I'm sorry for possible mistakes - English is not my first language. I dont't want to offend anyone if I did.

    I agree 200%
    They are crooks.

    Even I can tell you, based on the average experience, delivery is about 6 to 14months
    They gave me 3 different dates too, stringing me along.

    All the hours I actively put in it, if I was working, I could have bought 2 other phones.

    They NEVER reply email within a week (at least not with me)
    Now they are putting other people first with the X form.

    If I knew they where serving them first. I would cancel my order en would have bought an X..
    Everyone would. But we all know they can not be trusted.

    And after a year you still are supposed to be happy about a phone with hardware that is 
    AGAIN another year+ outdated.

    This company is really disgraceful.
    Horrible peoples




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  16. On 1/22/2021 at 2:44 PM, netman said:

    I think you get the wrong idea, topic titles sometimes disappear when @EskeRahn merges threads that are just saying the same thing but I've never known any posts to be deleted for being critical or negative while watching this forum pretty closely...

    thx for the insight. :)
    I think it is a bit of both still.

    Nowhere you will find the argument that the delivery date is a big lie (on purpose)

    It is not true that there was nowhere a moderator available to change the website's delivery date from home

  17. On 1/20/2021 at 12:06 PM, chippisc said:

    Ordered end of august and order number 566XX

    Excellent, then I would normally have the same date..

    I am very cautious because I also saw that they are moderating this post, so nothing too negative about the delivery dates remain online.

    Even this toppic text is deleted

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