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  1. What was your order number? or when have you ordered? Thanks for the feedback, You are doing more for customer care then fxtec themselves 😄
  2. All the people I know that work in a company, still work there and haven't worked a day from home. (all european country's) I am pretty sure I can adjust delivery dates on their website within 1 day without any website coding-skills, They have chosen every day, for over a year, to NOT change their delivery dates on the website and to keep lying. I think they just add a few months every time some one asks. I am currently dreaming towards my fourth date, while 3 previous other dates are due.
  3. I think everyone would be happy getting it shipped in march =D realistically, 1year... No one here got it in less then 6months
  4. I guess it's funny after you have received your order 🙂
  5. or 1 month if you are an important reviewer
  6. So the waiting time is a year for everyone. within 8months you are lucky if you get it...
  7. So noone knows anything here? We are all waiting to maybe be swindled? What percentage of paid product have they delivered? 20percent?
  8. 13 june 2020 I realise people are waiting longer but when you know 200% sure that it won't arrive in 12 weeks, it is extremely misleading. Even now, it still says 12 weeks max. All the corona excuses might be 'valid', but changing the delivery time on the website can be done from home, no corona excuse is valid. It comes across as deceitful. In the email they have said they expect mine to arrive in nov/december. (I did mention when I ordered with order No) . But whoops, it was a stock Email. When you would confront them with it then they say "Well by next year thi
  9. Dear, Can someone tell me which numbers are delivered yet? QWERTY my number is 5549X I am loosing faith in this company because the website continues the lie about 10-12weeks delivery, seems most peoples are waiting a year almost. And they barely replie emails, and if they do, it is a copy-paste-e-mail. They have a PRO1X, which they also cant deliver. It looks like they need someone to front the money so they can avoid going under. (When you ask for your money back, don't expect it back in a month or 2) Some clarity please
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