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  1. taking bets on the delivery date now i put 800$ on december next year 🤣 but if anyone is willing to bet on sooner ill pay great odds against it
  2. i see everyone being angry and maybe rightfully so . but i might not be the most positive looking individual in this whole process of getting a phone ( actualy 2 ) but to me it seems that they are running out of money and need to liquify some of their assets in order to stay in business easiest way is to sell these phones to someone who can sell them and ship them still wondering what the shipping delays are , still seems strange to have to wait for that long in order to get it going again i know shipping is difficult everywhere currently , but i ordered plenty of stuff from chi
  3. the more i use this phone the more i look forward to using the pro 1 x the fact that this device has a smaller screen really is starting to take its toll probably in a few month ill move away from the Titan Slim other then that this device does not seem to suffer from bugs ,and still really impressed with the long battery life
  4. this time i wil be positive and say i think we wil receive our devices starting of december i was expecting problem with creating/manufacturing batch 2 ( mainly financial ) but it seems shipping wil hold up the delivery if anything we cannot or ever blame any manufacturer / seller to controll shipping shipping isues wil happen regardless of shipping company
  5. So as some of u know i recently bought and received a Unihertz Titan Slim true kickstarter its can be found here : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jellyphone/titan-slim-the-new-sleek-and-slim-qwerty-android-smartphone/description I wanted to see if there is more people here who have bought this device Why make a post about this phone ? Mostly because i want to share the owner experience is with this phone I might not be very pleased with FX tec and the way they have gone about their whole pro 1 x campaign but that does not mean im not excited to receive it in the future
  6. So i have been daily driving this unihertz titan slim for a couple days now i have to say its a nifty little device and more or less it functions good in about every single way however the screen realy is small and the keyboard is a realy weird layout if the pro x ever shows up i probably be switching to that for daily driving just because of the screen if only they had made the keyboard the same as BB having said that , the remote controll function of the unihertz is a absolute killer i have quickly removed all my remote controlls out of my home and replaced it with the unih
  7. they won for me . i have the full pledge i signed up for not sure what i wil do with it , but probably put my samsung to rest to test this unihertz im just baffeled on how this is possible considering the time frame they did all of it in vs fx
  8. idk why u guys doubting but uuuh telling u unizhertz just has a better proccess all around good to see im not the only one that has purchased one this fact here alone that these people designed put up a kickstarter and ship sooner then fx tec just shows how incredibly wrong stuff can go and that there are people who know what they are doing Edit: i just checked ups and they are delivering it to my house today within a 1 hour timeframe as wel
  9. im telling u unihertz is gonna beat them in starting the campian . production and shipping before fxtec can get a phone out the door
  10. i should be getting one of these first batches since im stil waiting on my pro 1 however after checking my contribution for indigogo for the pro 1 x i noticed something strange my contribution id is 2105 and is the pre early bird 256gb , i paid 679 + 40 usd for shipping however if i look back in my email i payed and was part of another perk the pre early bird 256gb for 599 +40 usd for shipping and contribution id was 418 also i checked my bank account and that also says i payed 618 euro's (euro vs dollar was better then i gues ) ima just keep waiting because idk what to believ
  11. i agree 2 hand operabillity is something that needs to be looked at this is why i like the layout of olders phones . more hardware buttons back in the day u could pick youre phone up by clicking a green button . now a days u need to slide on the side of the screen u can reach making it a 2 handed phone call realy akward now i have a 6.5 inch screen and i do love having all that size while navigating i think for me the qtek 9090 then the blackberry priv where the ultimate phone layouts ( qtek because of pickup buttons)
  12. True true , because this time i was within the first 50 to order i have the option to get it in august if i pay for expedited shipping maybe for FX tec's next phone , they should team up with unihertz FX designs the phone and outsource Unihertz for production , updates and PR
  13. im stil betting that ill get my unihertz titan slim faster then this phone
  14. only 6 more months to go and we are at the 2 year mark of waiting u can do it FX Tec wait im already waiting 3 years for my original pro 1 😂 Edit: I backed the kickstarter for the Titan slim for less money and beter specs and 1/3 the price lets see if they can ship faster then fx tec ( even though their kickstarter has not finnished yet)
  15. true all this i wonder with what software it wil ship must be android right? right ? watch this phone arrive without software 😂
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