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  1. im stil betting that ill get my unihertz titan slim faster then this phone
  2. only 6 more months to go and we are at the 2 year mark of waiting u can do it FX Tec wait im already waiting 3 years for my original pro 1 😂 Edit: I backed the kickstarter for the Titan slim for less money and beter specs and 1/3 the price lets see if they can ship faster then fx tec ( even though their kickstarter has not finnished yet)
  3. true all this i wonder with what software it wil ship must be android right? right ? watch this phone arrive without software 😂
  4. wel i recieved a email from indiegogo about the Pro1 x so im here to rant about how i stil need to get my original pro1 and the pro1 x is me posting a rant about how i want stuff i paid for helpfull naaaah but the indiegogo update aint helpfull either 😅 we all know its gonna be august 2022 uuuh 2023 before they ship
  5. what is the status on the phone ? are we any closer to it being shipped then 2021 or 2020 ? im so glad that last year i decided to purchase another phone because the pro 1 x should have been delivered already 1 year ago and we were waiting for a hot min back then already i mean i gave up on getting the phone ever , but does not hurt to complain about it every once in a while
  6. one day somewhere in 2022 we shall recieve some parts with a note ,some assembly is required but u could make a phone out of them maybe ? need to check the first purchase date but out of my head it was somwhere in 2019 😂 at least i have been getting the idigogo updates 🙂 i can stil look forward to seeing what people are doing with our money one day one day .... maybe
  7. not going to lie but that is a killer website page right there lets just say Fx tec could get some serious legal isues from all these devices i wont ever take this to court , but i might send a well written email stating some legal facts about the money i spend
  8. honnestly i have given up ever getting one Hope they had fun with my money Lets see if Blackberry wil come forward 2021 like they prommised
  9. i just checked preorders are open on the F(x) tec pro 1 x 256/8gb the awesome thing is its cheaper then what i payed on indiegogo 😅 Still im excited and its going to be wel worth the time and money once this phone finaly arrives im still hoping they are joking and once the phone is going to be delevired we are going to get the major cpu upgrade we all are hoping for fairytales are there to believe in , and i choose to believe them
  10. i might want to pick up one of those . they also bringing back phone styling because every phone now a days looks the same . this thing realy looks different and i like it for it the big brother the titan was/IS a very big phone on the bulky side . but this smaller version sign me up !
  11. Does anyone think they can bridge the massive gap in months while paying for the hardware and employe labor costs since they where set back allot they also took this massive hit financialy in time lost . At this point i just hope they gonna make it
  12. Oh god this was from the time they gave u a free styles with the phone ( and 2 spare's) a charger a docking station earbuds and a protective case just straight from the factory , im telling u back then u recieved allot more bang for youre $ i had a bluetooth dongle for gps and was already using it for navigation with tom tom in 2004 i wrote a custom app so it would display my speed when driving my moppet ( the speedo on the moppet did not work ) this nifty replacement after the qtek died . it had build in gps and back then that was the dream very very good device . until the
  13. Oh dont get me wrong i agree the pro1 has allot of bennefits and i actualy bought a pro1 and a pro1 X . But for me i dont realy like to fiddle around with my devices anymore , shure back in the days where i wrote custom roms for my qtek 8080 i would prefer a device like that But now a days i just want something that works and has a keyboard . When my priv died begin of january i needed a phone and without thinking i just ordered the cheapest samsung avaible to me at that time . i wish i had orderd the titan
  14. i voted to wait longer . heck im waiting for a very long time already whats a extra couple of months gonna be Yeah i think the upcomming blackberry wil be the best option or the unihertz titan honnestly i choose the fxtec pro1 and the pro1 x over the titan for several reasons mainly thinking the wait would not have been so long but im now thinking of either waiting for the new blackberry or just order the titan its not the form factor i want but beggers cant be choosers
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