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  1. Its not only a rather cheap phone , its also quite the reliable and sturdy phone . As far as backup-device my Unihertz slim is the best solution i have had .
  2. I really enjoyed my Unihertz Titan Slim, but what ultimately made me decide to move on was its small screen. It's an excellent phone considering its price, delivering more than its worth. While I appreciated the keyboard, I had some issues with the layout. Eventually, I switched to a Samsung Fold, and more recently, I upgraded to the Fold 5, which has been an incredible experience. You can fold it halfway and use it similarly to the Pro1 X, but instead of a physical keyboard, it has a touchscreen with vibrating feedback, providing a similar feel. The next time Unihertz releases a pho
  3. Legally, all individuals who have placed orders through the FXtec website are entitled to receive a refund. Pursuing this matter through legal channels would likely result in a favorable outcome. The crucial step is for the first person to initiate such legal action, which could potentially lead to the company facing bankruptcy. Subsequently, to settle the owed debts, the company would liquidate its assets, including undelivered phones. Consequently, every individual who made a purchase via the FXtec website would be eligible for a refund, either in full or partially. However, there are c
  4. Based on information from Indiegogo, my research indicates that since January of this year, several individuals at FXtec have been laid off and have transitioned to other companies. This situation has likely taken a toll on FXtec's staff, including its founders. The journey has been quite a rollercoaster, beginning with the development of a functioning phone that garnered satisfaction from many users. Subsequently, a second production run was undertaken. However, challenges emerged, including chip-related scams, the disruptive impact of COVID-19 (despite excuses that were often not entirely tr
  5. I remain content with my Fold 4 solution, employing it similarly to how you would use the Pro1x. Regrettably, I haven't come across any further updates on IGG, and I'm holding onto the hope that they can sustain their operations. Nevertheless, in light of the expansys shipping and retail activities, including the substantial sale of Pro1x units in numerous stores, I am apprehensive that our devices might not continue to receive attention. The exact number of units sold through these outlets remains uncertain, but I wouldn't be surprised if it amounts to a minimum of 1,000 devices.
  6. bought a samsung fold 4 and it allows the screen to be used like the pro1/x it took me about 2 hours to get used to the typing but its realy nice would recommend for people who are realy looking for this layout of a keyboard and screen combo also you can just switch to each type of keyboard you want qwerty qwertz . the only downside to this setup is that u dont have the clicky feel idk why at the beginning of the year i was hoping for a positive result in shipping the devices but clearly i was wrong lets hope fx tec does not go under . i wanna see a colab of them and unihertz
  7. here use this https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/en/ALL/?uri=CELEX:31999L0044 its still valid , but the main rights are here and have been reconsolidated https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/en/TXT/?uri=CELEX%3A32019L0771 Its the European right to a proper product In the European Union, consumers have the right to receive products that meet certain safety and quality standards. This framework for product safety applies to all consumer products sold in the EU, regardless of their origin, and includes regulations for labeling, packaging, and instructions for use, as well
  8. things seem to have ground to a hold again lets hope for some good news next update
  9. This is how i see it and im probably wrong so their phones have been sold by the shipping company that has them since july 2022 https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/pro1-x-smartphone-functionality-choice-control/x/25381237#/updates/40 Fx already paid them but they want more money because of shipping prices going up But Fx tec cant or don't want to pay more money Meantime the shipping company just sold the stock because of payment issues to people who are interested and shipped them to Japan ( the japanese company is not at fault since they might have purchased the devices without kn
  10. has anyone noticed FX has become much more informative in the comment section on indiegogo ? i dont know why but they seem much more in control again and its a very positive thing shows that they do care but in the past they might have had constraints
  11. I was assuming they would already have been shipped , sorry to hear that you are still waiting I have a higher contribution ID so im also still waiting This is good news , since you are around this forum allot and a active user Its a way to verify the information that we are getting is truthful or false If you get the device as promised then we , all , most , uuuuh some of us can also look forward to receiving a device I also like this update because it shows they are still working on the problem of shipping devices to their contributors
  12. @EskeRahn man am i glad that unihertz actualy did what they prommised that company did something that seemingly is impossible and made it look easy the more i see FX and Astro fail with their devices the more respect i have for unihertz and their price point they are selling at . More or less it seems its a miracle they pulled it off true covid and all the other excuses astro and fx have for not shipping
  13. another month or so has gone by since my last post and still no phone i see some others are receiving devices so was wondering The main reason on why this is frustrating from the start is time hope i get 1 or a email saying u will no longer get the perk due to .........
  14. taking bets on the delivery date now i put 800$ on december next year 🤣 but if anyone is willing to bet on sooner ill pay great odds against it
  15. i see everyone being angry and maybe rightfully so . but i might not be the most positive looking individual in this whole process of getting a phone ( actualy 2 ) but to me it seems that they are running out of money and need to liquify some of their assets in order to stay in business easiest way is to sell these phones to someone who can sell them and ship them still wondering what the shipping delays are , still seems strange to have to wait for that long in order to get it going again i know shipping is difficult everywhere currently , but i ordered plenty of stuff from chi
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