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  1. So I put in an order for a Pro1 over the weekend. I just saw that the Pro1-X was available again so I emailed fxtec and asked if I could upgrade to the X. They replied "News are coming about this on Tuesday, so please wait until then." Hmmm...
  2. I emailed them and they reiterated March. 🤞
  3. The 8gb/256gb version wasn't available so I went ahead and ordered up an original 6gb pro1. I didn't realize it would take so long
  4. I was invested in the Astro but after their recent updates I pulled out, got a refund, and ordered a Pro1. I watched their 2 hours worth of video updates and Q&A and really didn't like their attitude. I love the openness of Fxtec. Ubuntu Touch? Ok! Lineage? Ok! Do what you want! Planet Computers offers one flavor of Linux or Android. FU to the rest. They wouldn't commit to Sailfish or anything. They were so wrapped up that they upped the RAM 2GB. There were so many other downgrades though. I couldn't stomach it. Can't wait to get a Pro1 and load Ubuntu Touch on it. I have
  5. Actually the experience on my Miix 630 isn't half bad. I use it for some light word docs with Libre Office, web surfing, spotify, email, and some simple gaming on Steam (Dugeons of Chaos). It's only got 4GB RAM so I have to be very careful how I push it. So yeah, it's no speed demon or heavy gaming machine but for light usage, it totally gets the job done.
  6. Valid question. I'm actually typing this now on a Lenovo Miix 630 which runs a snapdragon 835. 🤔 Funny to think that the pro1 has more RAM than this thing too
  7. Sooo if I just now ordered one I shouldn't get my hopes up?
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