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  1. Was this problem solved in unofficial LineageOS 18.1?
  2. Preamble As I needed the Russian layout in my Pro1 I ordered QWERTZ phone that could be transformed more easily. Unfortunately, after more than a year of waiting for my delivery, they gave me shifted-QWERTY one 🤦‍♂️ Now it's been half a year since I use my Pro 1 without keyboard cause it is completely unsuitable for me to shift Russian layout. And just wearing this heavy brick in my pocket not using its most important feature... So finally I decided to try to unshift QWERTY back to its normal place. Topic As I can see this will require solving two problems: 1
  3. Hi everyone! Is there any fix for the WCDMA reboots? I have a lot of reboots every time I leave the city or go down in elevator -- every time when my phone tries to get 3G. 4G and GSM are working well but if i try to select "WCDMA only" connection type the phone immediately starts rebooting.
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