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  1. I just follow what the images show i don't read chinese either.
  2. I'm not 100% sure as i have rooted with magisk, but i recall doing that flash when i was running stock way back and i didn't need to root then. Also on lineage under developer options i have allow rooted debugging so it might be enough itself.
  3. You don't need root to use the APK screen firmware flashing tool. The files are found from the unofficial discord server, dragonbox guy also has them, and i remember they have been posted somewhere else too. Look for Boe.rar Edit. The file was posted to matrix originally by The Kit, i think at this point it probably is safe to post it here so here's the link to the BoE files that can fix the screen margins on Android 10 or 9. Instructions are included in the file. https://matrix.revreso.de/_matrix/media/r0/download/matrix.org/MhQPLNrIHbyoMahdOvuZLWtA
  4. There is an APK to flash the screen firmware but it only works on Android 10 or lower (basically stock or LoS16 or 17)
  5. I noticed this too today, iirc that bug was originally introduced in a update to LOS18.1 as it wasnt there in the beginning. Can't remember which one though. Interesting, did you use device fingerprint from another device? That is definitely not recommended as it can lead to all kind of problems. There is a working fingerprint from the stock firmware for the pro1 in the MagiskHidePropsConfig fingerprint list which is only one that one should use with pro1.
  6. Google pay working here with magisk v24.3 for some time already and works on LOS 19.1 too. -Zygisk mode on -Enforce denylist -Put com.google.android.gms and com.google.android.gms.unstable to denylist under google play services. You might need to check show system apps from the denylist donfiguration settings -You manually need to download and install MagiskHidePropsConfig and do the edit device fingerprint, probably no need to do this if you upgrade from v23 and have already done this. -make sure play store says device certified, if not try clearing play store and pla
  7. Decided to upgrade now because i must at somepoint anyway. First impressions are good, everything seems to work with magisk v24.3 and MindTheGapps. The extra dim mode is very very welcome with the pro1, now i can finally get the screen brightness to a reasonable level in dark.
  8. Be aware that you need to upgrade to magisk 24 for Android 12 support. No need to fear the new changes, it still works all the same than before. Zygisk+denylist is basically the same than former magiskhide. Any external modules have to be manually installed f.ex. MagiskHidePropsConfig, but they work normally.
  9. Magisk 24.3 supports android 12 so i guess it should work all the same. One person in the discord alrready upgraded to OS19 with magisk.
  10. The new magisk is not any dumber that the old one. I am using magisk v24.3. Everyhting works the same that in the older versions, what is different is that the hide list is deny list and you need zygisk mode on and configuring the list is in the app settings, but the functionality is the same and if you have to use external modules like MagiskHidePropsConfig you need to download them manually but they work the same. So i have all the same banking apps still working that i had since magisk v20 ->. Edit: And there is no more the builtin safetynetcheck but there are various apps for that in
  11. I had the exact same charging problems and only the cable connectincg the usb board to the main board was loose, the connector is shown in your picture. Just snapped it back in firmly and never had any problems since.
  12. Is battery life better or worse with the new lineage? Also does the charging work? I only had problems with opengapps on 18.1 anyway so mindthegapps is the way to go.
  13. No soldering, just pressed the connector back to the socket firmly. Probably had come little bit loose when i dropped the phone or something.
  14. Really sounds like the LineageOS charging bug. Have you tried if it charges normally after a reboot?
  15. There might be some dirt or lint in the charging port if it doesn't click anymore, it can be cleaned very carefully. The usb port on the phone is very sturdy and i say it won't fail easily, my unit had the cable that is connecting the usb to the mainboard loose and it was easy to fix when i opened the phone. Symptoms then were that it started charging only when i tilted the charging cable.
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