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  1. Well i don't know about that but if anyone really needs them, they are still available on the discord channel.
  2. I got the files for the screen margin resetting from an user in the F(x)tec unofficial discord. No problem anymore.
  3. Kaali

    Spare Parts

    I had this same problem with mine, disassebled the phone and fixed the cable connecting the USB board to the main board properly in place, tada no more problem. Probably had come loose when i have dropped the phone. I thought about the port becoming loose too but it itself seemed very sturdy and not easily breakable like it was in E7.
  4. I am also having this very same issue on LOS17.1 after changing the screen. Would be very grateful if you have a solution.
  5. On my device this "custom keymap" option is greyed out. Is there a way to get the FINqwerty finnish for physical qwertz layout to work on LoS17.1? It was such a perfected layout and the only thing i miss from the stock. LoS Finnish layout's fn combinations doesn't match the print and it is sometimes very annoying. Edit: Un-Edited
  6. I updated my system with magisk by simply booting to recovery and then sideload update the magisk.zip. No need to touch anything on the system and it just works. Magisk manager is a must have app with it to gain easy access to the modules.
  7. Afaik you can get exFat support, if you are rooted with magisk, by installing a magisk module for it.
  8. I just dropped in to say you can pass safetynet on LineageOS too with Magisk, using one of its modules Magisk Hide Props Config.
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