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  1. It happens to me randomly as well. Usually I hit home button once to get to home screen and another Alt+Tab already works then.
  2. Thanks for sharing. How does it slide into/out of the stock pouch? Isn't the grip making the sliding too hard? I'm considering something similar but kinda expect too much friction in combination with F pouch.
  3. Some nice tips are popping up, thanks guys! A friend of mine tried to push me into modded Switch too. Nearly got me with Zelda BoW but I'm waiting for Pyra and pulling out Pandora when in the mood for emulators. Still it will be nice to have that right in the phone with real buttons.
  4. It seems there's no dedicated thread about gaming on Pro1 so here we go. Please, share your favourite games you play, whether your games utilize the keyboard anyhow, how's the landscape support etc. I'm not regular gamer but like to get to games occasionally. Mostly retro gaming or emulation of older systems (GB, GBA, SNES, SMS, PS1, PSP) or games of my child- and teenagehood (80-90s era). RPGs being my favourite genre, I discovered just recently that TES Morrowind runs nicely via OpenMW (or better with OMW from F-Droid store) on Android. And Pro1 is perfect with the keyboard. I didn't try to remap camera key on system level to some regular key_code key yet. If that's possible, then it's greatly placed action key 🙂 Various emulators run nicely as well but until the issue with multiple keys pressed concurently is sorted these are not really usable. I've also installed BGII Enhanced Edition, running fine, keyboard shortcuts sometimes work, sometimes they don't. Apart from that game is nicely playable with just touchscreen controls. So I'm curious what your favourite titles are and what do you like about them (nostalgia, gameplay, graphics, atmosphere, ...).
  5. I experience distorted sound from ear speaker due to high volume which can't be lowered any further. I bet it will get better when the high volume bug is sorted.
  6. This happened to me just once. I have a vague memory it was between two system updates. Never happend since then.
  7. You need to set the Screen > Advanced > Displayed size to small, then the quick settings area is rendered properly in landscape.
  8. The real challenge is to open it silently i.e. in bed room while your partner sleeps ☺️
  9. I wonder if there is a keyboard shortcut to get and stay on app switching view. Single Alt+Tap just switches to previous app, 'continuous' Alt+Tab cycles apps. Would be nice to get to app switching view with a key (or combo) and then scroll apps with arrow keys and selecting again with key.
  10. Did you proceed with all OTA updates?
  11. I can report that old Otterbox Model 2000 (out of production) is tight fit but works well. Thanks to tightness the phone doesn't move when closed inside. Gonna use it at outdoor trips as 'parking' case or when heavy rain hits.
  12. AFAIK you can paste into termux by tap'n'hold the screen as close as possible to your cursor position which opens small context menu with Paste option.
  13. My Pro1s left speaker seems to have lower volume than the right one. I would say about 1/4. I'm yet about to do a close up stereo recording to 'measure' it more precisely but it's noticable although definitelly not a dealbreaker. Headphones output is fine. So I'm wondering if anybody else is noticing something similar. Has anybody idea what could be the culprit?
  14. Thanks for the heads up, I'll try ColorTRUE later. Have i1Display Pro lying around. Edit: Tried to calibrate with ColorTRUE, i1Display got detected but process gets stuck in Measuring gamut phase.
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