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  1. After rooting and using the 4 setprop commands I can at least see the VoLTE option but it is still grayed out. However, now WiFi calling works, thanks to, wfc_avail_ovr, which was a nice bonus. Edit: VoLTE is working after all. The option is grayed out but enabled and the SIM status shows that it is using LTE for voice.
  2. There are now a number of wallet-style cases on Amazon made by BINFEN Color but sold under various brand names for about $14USD (I did a search for fxtec under cell phone cases). It looks like they all ship from China or Hong Kong. It's not clear how the phone attaches--other models made by BINFEN seem to snap into place. There are no reviews for any of these cases yet but I may try my luck with one since they are inexpensive.
  3. I noticed that "Preferred network type" in settings had everything enabled, including 5G and some China-only types. I changed it to only include the network types relevant to me, which for T-Mobile was CSM/WCDMA/LTE. After that incoming calls seem to connect a little faster though this could be confirmation bias 😆
  4. I'm also having cellular connectivity issues. Even with 2 bars incoming calls are often not received and go to voicemail. Outgoing calls seem slightly better but there are still issues connecting. One odd thing is that when an outgoing call is successfully placed, the phone displays full bars for a bit (which is unlikely given coverage here), then drops down to the "real" value after the call is disconnected.
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